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  1. +1 Really nice.
  2. The problem is the people who are queuing 3s tryharding to feed partner, so teams are dodging like the rank 1 never see him in queu 3s,after 1 loose they stop totaly to queu. So with the fun realm all people can queu together so more comp etc
  3. Ah ah kappa kappa the war who try to kick mana thea cuz he cant even kick a real cast btw you cant kick mana thea kappa kappa
  4. Rown wanna talk about your mate who need to ddos to win me, or alt f4 in arena as frost mage h priest with you. Kappa kappa feelsbadman, you are only v2 hero and still bad in 2s loose vs mw war lol that fcking joke.
  5. Just search darnepho on the ladder 3s
  6. Yesterday i was in queu in 3s and i didnt wait 10min for 1 queu like in 2s
  7. Btw all 2s players stfu !
  8. Stfu with your fcking 2s really hero of the 2s for you its to hard to queu 3s i think cuz your macro /focus will be not work really good in 3s. So pls Just stfu and continu your 2s you will be dueliste its a Nice title dont worry akushit.
  9. Ok a man who speak when you play on wod and privative server Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  10. Loooool
  11. U can already interv the SAP if u are retard as fck not my fault if u dont know how interv...
  12. LFG

    Wod rank 1 extension never see ^^
  13. Oh dude ? atm 1 Guy is unban and we dont how so if he is unban all people who are ban will be unban too
  14. Just unban all !! They did nothing