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  1. stellar empowerment is fixed , and if you take the right talents you are the #1 Dps in AoE(i reach 2m+ ez in AoE) , however i can agree that single target still bad
  2. ye on single target our dps is trash compared to others , but in AoE we are the best ez
  3. soon on retail vanilla wow
  4. do mage tower to get mount
  5. i have windows 10 , can i reinstall windows10 without losing any data i have atm ?
  6. King of Dramas too ,
  7. FIND ME THE ISSUE! i cant reinstall windows
  9. it seems they are delaying spell fixes for 7.3 since many spells got changed
  10. problem here too same tried all solutions none worked
  11. 22hour or 23hour respawn time , it spawns in different place than blizzard , drop chance here around 40% or 50%
  12. from servers in firestorm to yes , but from firestorm to another server no
  13. get 2-3ppl with you and let them burst LK fast , thats it and all can get the mount since its personal loot ,
  14. how this happens if there is 2 have the same name ? in ally and horde
  15. i forgot something , my character is alliance , so i can only send it to alliance players , if you want to participate as horde , you can , but if you win i will send you the reward to a lvl 1 alliance character you create