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  1. stellar empowerment is fixed , and if you take the right talents you are the #1 Dps in AoE(i reach 2m+ ez in AoE) , however i can agree that single target still bad
  2. ye on single target our dps is trash compared to others , but in AoE we are the best ez
  3. try inv some1 maybe phasing issue
  4. wait it to respawn..
  5. soon on retail vanilla wow
  6. do mage tower to get mount
  7. i got banned for exploiting and getting 120loyality points as perma ban , people now exploited 8k loyality points and they know its not intended to have such large numbers ? can you please unban my account ?
  8. i have windows 10 , can i reinstall windows10 without losing any data i have atm ?
  9. King of Dramas too ,
  10. FIND ME THE ISSUE! i cant reinstall windows
  12. nearly same problem here ! i also tried all solutions none worked ! i think its computer -related
  13. it seems they are delaying spell fixes for 7.3 since many spells got changed
  14. problem here too same tried all solutions none worked
  15. 22hour or 23hour respawn time , it spawns in different place than blizzard , drop chance here around 40% or 50%
  16. any info on the error 51900313 ? solutions ?
  17. from servers in firestorm to yes , but from firestorm to another server no
  18. get 2-3ppl with you and let them burst LK fast , thats it and all can get the mount since its personal loot ,
  19. Hello guys , me and my friend is playing here , but my friend decided to stop playing wow because of his college , and he wants that i get his account , so is there any way to transfer characters from his account to my account ? he will provide me with all information about his account
  20. Well iam Hosting a Transmog event on legion Sylvanas realms , To win in this event you must capture a photo for your transmog and post it here , Best transmog wins 1) You must show that you are on Legion sylvanas realm , and not a photo from google 2) Its good if you capture it in a empty area 3) Rewards will be given to the winners name in the photo ( to avoid people who makes multiple accounts and post here , Rewards will be given to the name in the picture) 4) Avoid spamming please , only post pictures about your transmog 5) Event ends next Saturday 11/4/2017 6) Rewards : -winner : 75 xLeystone Ore(sells for 7500gold in ah) + 50 xDreamleaf + 75xYseralline Seed + 1kgold + 1 Binds when equipped item itlvl 825
  21. how this happens if there is 2 have the same name ? in ally and horde
  22. i forgot something , my character is alliance , so i can only send it to alliance players , if you want to participate as horde , you can , but if you win i will send you the reward to a lvl 1 alliance character you create
  23. they fake population i think
  24. hello , where to farm order resources ? other than rares/chests , i read a post that you can farm them by killing a specific mob , whats its name? and how much it makes ?
  25. where to farm order resources??