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  1. I just came from retail. I played here a year ago or so, and Im amazed that instances even work lol. So much pve going on in legion the devs have no choice but to script their ass off. PVP even in legion is almost completely ignored. I remember back in the day even on pandashan I did pvp cause nothing worked pvp wise, same goes for ashran wod and the same will go to legions realm. Still I hope the devs are dedicated and wont slack off after a few months like they did so far the past years ever since firestorm exists lol
  2. Greetings. I just came from retail, and thinking of trying firestorm again after a year. Do pve stuff work like WQ,RDF,LFR,Order Hall's,class quests and other basic stuff? Thank you for the reply beforehand.
  3. They do queue on low lv. There are a lot of people who want to do pve, Me and my friend as tank and heal are lving our sixth character and do all pre patch instances. But yeah if you dont have a tank or heal spec you could wait hours. I realy wish someone who has a say in scripting the contents is reading this. All wod realms feel empty,and boring with nothing to do but bg and arena. Its 10% if not less of the entire world of warcraft content. The biggest problem with firestrom wod is that its pvp. Im saying this now, if they wont make their legion realm pve me and my friesnds are going retail.
  4. The main issue is that we have a high xp rate, pvp only server. (WOD) Even the pvp is a joke when your on bg or arena. Nothing but bugabuse and cheating. What I want is a PVE realm like Pandashan. I had lots of fun there untill firestorm merged with it and destroyed its population. I had so many fun with doing repus,5man dungeons, pug and guild raids. But on wod? nothing but killing that one mob for pvp gear,noobing around on BG and bugabusing on arenas. No one queues for instances at all. pve is completely dead. The arena ladder is a joke as well. On pandashan I was one of the few with the elite malevolent gear in 3v3. But here 14yo kids cheat their way to the top. So if someone who matters reads this, please. Make sylvanas realm pve. Focus on a more blizzlike experiance. We had enough with the shity pvp thats less than 10% of wow.
  5. Name of the thread?
  6. They wont cause he is not flagged for pvp. And Im all for that.
  7. Once I log in and see Sylvanas legion "PVP" realm. Im leaving this server. My old server is getting mop and is at least scripted properly and not rushing the contents.
  8. Then I guess Im going back to my old server. At least the devs do a proper job and orient on pve. PVP is like 10% of the ENTIRE content. If not less. WOD is a dissaster already with the pvp boredom.
  9. I just want to know if Sylvanas will be a pve or pvp oriented realm?
  10. I beg of you, make Sylvanas Legion realm PVE! Make the Death Hunter starting and all artifact quests as blizzlike as possible! And the npc voices would be just pure love from you guys! Please make it happen. No more PVP garbage pls. We want a good community with blizzlike game experiance,
  11. Exactly. Or just make a pvp realm for those nutjobs without pve content. That way they can go full retard while people on pve realm can have a blizzlike experiance.
  12. wow is all about PVE. end of story. quests,cinematics,raids,instances are hard to script. Thats why Firestorm devs only focus on pvp. If they would focus on pve believe me, there would be three times more people playing here. why cant they focus on a blizzlike pve realm similar to molten, or monster wow ? Firestorm dont ruin Legion with PVP ! Dont listen to spanish kids go full pve pls ! We need more serious players! The community is plain out retarded as it always was. Change that !
  13. That was a harmless joke mate. Calling others idiot now thats a real insult right there.
  14. Im playing on the Retail beta you funny guy. Stormheim is a map on the Broken Isles in legion expansion you dummy
  15. So far I did the Valkyrs story in Stormheim and just started Val'sharas of the Broken Isles. Every quest is simply epic and very rewarding. Cinematic at almost every second quest. Demon Hunter Starting zone is a complete battlefield very intense! In all: Legion is like Wotlk 2 But with so many changes. Warlords is a joke compared to this. Prepaying for retale. Impossible to script this Maybe after 3-4 years....maybe.