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  1. @Redvengeance Greetings, As Poonxo has said please make a bug tracker ticket as well feel free to send tracker ticket via PM's and I'll look in to it to have the NPC fixed for the next changelog. Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus International Firestorm Staff
  2. This thread has been closed.
  3. Greetings, If a quest is bugged please report it to the bug tracker, as well unless the quest was bugged by something or someone it will not be any different after a server crash or restart, in this situation you will need to wait for the next change log to come out. Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus International Firestorm Staff
  4. It's actually once per account.
  5. I would like to thank everyone who attended our Christmas event we hope you all enjoyed and we wish all players good and safe holidays! We hope to see everyone in 2018! Note: From December 23rd, 2017 to January 5th, 2018 there will be no weekly events. Events will not be returning till January 13th, 2018. The team at Firestorm wishes you guys a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and hope you have a safe holiday. Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus and Staff International Firestorm Staff Team
  6. Greetings @Essence, Please do understand that the position of a Game Master is only voluntary and we do have other things in our lives such as work, school, family etc whatever it may be. Know that we aren't always going to be able to be there to assist you unfortunately as well please do understand that we are limited to GMs as not everyone is going to want to help and join us we are currently limited with 8 GMs on Legion and there are over 5,000 + players on the realm at almost all times! And we do get a large sum of tickets and we try to answer them in order from oldest to newest. As well, unfortunately, we do not auto-complete most quests there are only a select few that we do so, in this case, we would ask you to make a Bug Tracker ticket to get it fixed up for the future. On top of tickets we do have forum reports, ban appeals, monitoring world chat and in-game for abusers etc it's not as simple as one might think. Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus Firestorm International Staff Team
  7. This topic will be closed and archived, the proper action is to make a ban appeal then you will be informed on why your account has been suspended, most of the time if a report is valid and the player is not online they will be banned without an explanation until they request a ban appeal. You can make a ban appeal here: As well most of the times if you are inside textures you can walk out without any difficulties. Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus International Firestorm Staff
  8. Greetings, We ask politely that you don't discuss your suspension for privacy reasons as sometimes you may be disclosing private information that can back fire on you or your account. If you feel that you were suspended wrongfully, please make a ban appeal in the proper section. As well please note we do not take bribes and we never will. Home>Support>Ban Appeals This topic will be locked and archived. Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus, International Firestorm Staff,
  9. Greetings, We recommend all new players that do not own a copy of the launcher to download the torrent of our website to access the game as we have discontinued support for it. If you still have the game simply use the WoW.exe file as it should still work if it is no or is corrupt please refer to downloading the torrent we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus, Firestorm International Staff,
  10. Greetings, You have been muted by the Spanish staff if the mute continues longer than 60 minutes please PM me and I will have it removed from you as mutes are limited to 60 minutes. Due to the fact that you have been muted by the Spanish staff, I cannot get the reason on why but most of the times players are not muted for no reason. Kind Regards, Executive Game Master Latisimus, Firestorm Staff,
  11. Greetings, If you believe you have found someone breaking any of the Firestorm Rules please report them in the appropriate section which can be located here. In order for your report to be valid you must use the correct format as well you must provide non-edited evidence of the player(s) in action of breaking the rules. Kind Regards, Head Game Master Latisimus, Firestorm Staff,
  12. gg

    Greetings Malikoui, I don't see why you would admit to it after all it is against the rules, regardless the International Staff no longer support Cataclysm and Lich King, as only I believe the French and Spanish Staff support it, regardless you should not be using Third Party Programs I can assure you if you attempted this on MoP, WoD, or Legion you would be instantly punished. Kind Regards, Head Game Master, Latisimus
  13. Greetings, This is not a suggestions so it will be denied, Please post these types of issues in Technical Support Kind Regards, Head Game Master, Latisimus
  14. - Account security, responsibility and ownership. The creator of the account is responsible for anything that happens or happened to the account. Do NOT share your account information as any violation found on the account is punished accordingly, whether it was you or anyone else. Firestorm cannot be taken responsible for the tampering, hacking or unauthorized acces of your account. We recommend that you keep all your account information for yourself, such as: Account name, password, email and your secret question/answer. We do not provide (manual) assistance on the following matters: Forgot the password of your account. No access to your email, we do not change your email or password under any circumstances. Account theft; scammed or hacked. Account sharing and the other member takes over. Account trading; also a violation of our Rules and Regulations. Websites that steal your account credentials. If you wish to change your account credentials then please go here. Be aware that you require enough account information before being allowed to change any credential.
  15. Greetings, As a Head Of Staff member on Firestorm, I and the other Head Of Staff members take responsibility for how the staff works and we try to ensure that all Game Master's respect and follow all rules to a professional level. If you do find Game Master's that don't care and make fun of the server feel free to report them to myself or any other Head Of Staff member that you can find here with proper evidence, I can assure you that the Firestorm staff team works countless hours to ensure the players an enjoyable stay on our server. There is so much behind the scenes work that players don't event see and that goes all the way from QA members to Admins we try our best to provide the best content all we can ask of the player community is for your support in helping to find these bugs, glitches, ect and time to have them fixed, as Sarah Shan mentioned we do have our own personal lives and most of these positions are only volunatry, If you wish to become part of the staff team feel free to make an application for the respective position here, If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. Kind Regards Head Game Master, Latisimus