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  1. hello firestorm.i just wanted to say that people in legion really need WOD xmog and i need them myself when will firestorm put WOD xmogs in the shop????
  2. just tell me when will 64bit version comes? my pc hangs off when i lunches.
  3. when will the 86x closed beta will arrive?my pc exits game on 32x version pls do it faster firestorm. i cant wait any more
  4. oh thx it worked when i used another browser
  5. I did this already but it just shows the picture in firestorm doesnt work in forum
  6. hello all im new in forum and i just wanted to know how to change my forum profile picture any ideas????
  7. آموزش

    این مطلب آموزشت درباره ی هانتر خیلی باحال بود بعضی چیزا رو نمیدونستم خیلی مفید بود اگه خواستین منم مینونم درباره ی اموزش پالادین کمکت کنم