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  1. @Gnomgalf Just so you're aware FPS issues are mostly to do with your computer not the actual server itself. However it does occur in certain areas or heavy Animations but thats normal on retail as well. Visit the technical support section if you're having FPS issues. Regards, Foxtrot.
  2. Greetings @Losco17 If you visit the following link provided it a the top you will see a list of Administrator; Please send a message to any admin and i'd recommend either Inveric, Beastial or Ouroboros and they will provide you with a series of security questions you will have to answer in order to have the authentication removed and retrieve your account. Regards, Foxtrot.
  3. Greets @kija1000 Here's a comprehensive guide taken from wowhead which shows you all the directions and places you need to go and supposedly an order to complete each quest chain. Hope this helps Regards, Foxtrot.
  4. Greetings Perc19, sorry about your account being hacked. As i mentioned to you on discord you are held accountable for your own account security. As Sam mentioned about email and password, you shouldn't use the same password for every account or other accounts like social media. If they get one, they know it all. However Firestorm does have a Mobile authentication system which you can find in "Account settings" Via the Firestorm website. If you don't wish to use your mobile phone or don't have one, you can always set up an authenticator on your computer like WinAuth that way its locked so if another IP address does try they'd have to have access to your Authenticator which is why Firestorm has this as security. I'd recommend getting this set up and changing all your passwords on any account you use under that email address. Here is a link to WinAuth: Regards, Foxtrot.
  5. Greetings Monkiri. General discussions is not the correct place to be reporting Bugs. For future notice please use the Bug Tracker for reports. Regards, Trial Game Master Foxtrot.
  6. Greetings Krakk. You have posted in the wrong section of the forums. Please use the Bug tracker for reporting the issue you are having. Regards, Trial Game Master Foxtrot.
  7. Welcome to Firestorm!
  8. Greetings EaterOfSchoko. You have posted in the wrong section of the forums. Please Submit a report on the Bug Tracker about the issue you're having with the Quest. Regards, Trial Game Master Foxtrot.