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  1. It comes in the mailbox.
  2. You can complete it, just get the books off the shelves. Once you have the books click the pedestal once beat those enemies there should be two then after that click it once more and beat the last guy and that should be it. I just completed it on my paladin the only problem I had was that one of the enemies (I forget which one) almost one shot me.
  3. Tyvm this actually worked great. I had given up a couple weeks ago.
  4. You get a quest to get the armor. Did you do the quest?
  5. Make sure towards the end of the quest, that you stand at the cave entrance until the npc ( I forget her name) is gone. It will be right after your character says " I kneel to noone" or whatever.
  6. There is nothing you can do. If you had done it at level 109 and dinged 110 then you would have gotten it. You can't do insta 110 and get the heritage armor.
  7. As long as the character isn't boosted to 110. So if you were to boost it to 100 you would get it after hitting 110.
  8. Just shift click it into a spot on your hotbar that you don't use.
  9. From the main page click your avatar in the top right then click "character unstucking"
  10. Try removing your addons if any.
  11. Maybe it's afternoon for them. It's only 10:07 am for me.
  12. I would just get the launcher it's not a big download, might save you from some future hassles as well. Also Dallaryen you yourself should practice patience try not to get so agitated as you represent firestorm.
  13. It takes a little while for the gold to go through when you sell something on the auction house I usually have to wait about 25 minutes for my gold.
  14. Newest update has made it unstable, devs are working on it.