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  1. 1. First boss doesn't cast at 15% hp. Now you can just kill him down w/o even worying about the adds. No matter if u kill the adds or not he should cast it at 15% hp. 2. Trash after 1st boss after the spiders when you go up the stairs (The one under Illysanna Ravencrest ) doesnt work the way it should, you need to clear the whole room then wait for the last wave to jump from above and then you are supposed to proceed and the door opens(the door on the left). Now players can just open the right door and skip all that trash which is..... stupid 3. Charging the 2nd boss Ilysanna as a warrior will send you under texture back down to the lower room. 4. Last boss Latosius abilities are totally out of order. After he shows, in 10s he should cast and 4 seconds after the shadow bolt cast he should give every player the hp and damage buff and then start with all the other abilities. doesn't work at all. 5. The falling rocks sometimes spawn 2 next to each other which is really annoying cause u cant really pass. The are not supposed to stack. --- so far this is i've seen, think there were a couple more things but this is what i wrote down so far
  2. Title: WoD tier sets and weapons to Legio shop Type: Shop Description:  Hello there. I would like to suggest, since WOD raids are totally broken with exception of BRF that works 80% that you add WoD tier sets and weapons to the shop transmogrificaiton sections Just like we have MoP tier sets that we can buy as a pack. SInce you cant get these in-game and devs do not want to just spawn the bosses in the raids to be farmed for transmog purpuse.
  3. OMG THANK YOU DUDE. This worked!!!
  4. same problem. BUMP
  5. Oh gosh another "Warriors are doing bad dps" post. Sure, fury is buggy atm, some talents dont work, but it's not broken to the point all people say it is... As i've said a million times go learn the class. I am gladly doing 200k+ dps as fury(Single target). The max gear we can get is 840-850(if lucky) What do you expect doing 1M DPS with this gear? ....
  6. Even if we have it this way. Merging all devs into 1 would bring much more dev power. 4 devs working on 4 project is not the same as 4 devs working on 1 project.
  7. You know the biggest problem of FS is that they try to keep up 4 expansions of which only 1 is really populated and ppl play. You cant be split into 4 things and expect to do good in all of them. It's a system bound to fail. What happens now is things fail big time because devs are not focused on 1 thing (1 expansion only). You can never be good at everything. Instead look at the community, ask the community in the end they are the ones paying your salaries. Make a poll see what people want focus on only 1 expansion. At the moment Legion is the most populated compared to the rest (way more than the rest combined). Why not ask the community if removing the rest and focusing on Legion is ok?
  8. There is something called "Interact with target". This is an option that you can KEY BIND and let you loot. 1. Go to your key binds > Target > scroll to Interact with target and bind the key 2. When you kill the boss type /target Withered Jim and press the key. VOILA! You now can loot. (That is of course if you got lucky for loot :P)
  9. Warrior doing low dm, blah blah blah. is 400k single target low for you? 320k total dps for mythic dungeon low for you? Ditch the crit specced Mortal combo and learn the class. Stop complaining about warriors doing low dps. Warriors are doing extremely good. If you know how to play. PS: As i talk about warriors i mean Arms spec mainly. But fury is good aswell.
  10. What happens when I've never used the boost on ANY of my accounts and I am the ONLY one on my IP since i changed providers literally 2 weeks ago?
  11. Seriously guys? Please watch this video and pay attention to his character portrait there you can very CLEARLY see the Affliction lock DOT's ticking. And this is at the SEASON'S end.. 14ks.. 20ks... at at MAC 33k crits... Affli locks on FS deal double this damage it's rediculous
  12. Yes, but I could manage to swipe some followers from Stormheim and Highmountain at the start of Legion i believe i have 3-4 atm. I didn't know that you need to put all 3 followers in order to start the mission. Hmm...
  13. Yes
  14. Hey, I have the same issue. The way I fixed it is, whenever i change talents i go and do a fast re-pick on every talent again.( For example when you change specs just go to dalaran, open your talents, click on all most-left talents then select your desired talents) This works for me.
  15. Hello, i have problems downloading Legion. I got a Beta key but the game does not show up in my Launcher?