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  1. its been 8 days since i made this post and i guess the devs dont even care about the wod realm this makes me sad. We dont get any updates or any info on this why cant we atleast have an answer why wont stuff happend on the WOD realm? Hellfire citadel isnt even out yet and its been so long since anything at all changed.
  2. Think you should consider ur words more wisely than just attacking him directly and flame. If you get video proof of him abusing or cheating in any way then and only then can he be punished. Coming on the forums to cry about it and dont have proof just makes you look horrible.
  3. Hey ive recently noticed an issue with valor point Quest in garrison only 1 of the quests work rest is bugged ( this means we only can get valor like realy rare we only get the complete able quest 1 time a month usally when its supposed to be working weekly). Valor points have only a chance to drop in raids but its supposed to be 100% per kill. This means upgrading gear is a living hell. One of the quests are caled: "The time to strike " this one is bugged given by the npc named: "Seer Kazal" there are more quests so are bugged aswell for valor. Also garrison Work orders doesnt work like they should, if you relog with having 20 work orders or max then relog you will only get 1 work order done and it wont do the rest and u basicly lost ur work order mats on the other 19 u dident get. From the players ive heard this have been like this for a long time without any updates in the past few months. Upgrading gear is kinda horrible atm due to lack of valor points. This should be high priority becouse its impossible to do the work orders without anti afk macro ingame instead of logout to get the work orders. Please tell me what u guys think about this, would love a staff to respond on this.