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  1. game

    what is the price
  2. in legion there is no called [pet quest ] just use tame pet to get any pet below your lvl
  3. you mad becuase you got banned in 15 lvl char lol? just make new one and stop make advertise to something against rules
  4. who bought alot of loot boxes and geard their char should the gear who he got from chests be removed
  5. you need to be in raid and put it 10 normal ot 25 normal dont put it hc if still didnt work looks they closed it
  6. server got nuke bomb
  7. the soultion tall they fix it relog this will remove the que and u wont get the debuff
  8. Don't mix between retail patch 7.3.5 and 7.1.5 the bug in BM hunters that deal much more damage than it should deal with frenzy it deal near 1000k+ near 350k 350k 350k which it should be fixed sometimes from first hit it actived which it should after 5 times use of dire frenzy also maybe hait and main pet deal some dmg from using ir because hati get benift from it and about locks their something wrong for sure in their armor and dmg in pvp
  9. can Mythic NH drop hc NH gear it will cool you know and all will help in report bug
  10. i understand that adds was behind the walls and else sounds kids and girls
  11. you need order Resources 500 for each quest tall 15 and the next 10 levels need to wait days
  12. of Hyjra and Hymdall should immune and remove all debuffs and spells in them so they only die when both cast it as spells say