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  1. Ye, like 20 times in 1 hour.
  2. Hotfix was not successful then.
  3. They applied a hotfix to server which SHOULD prevent crashses. This hotfix is creating more crashses than before.
  4. Unlock 25 traits of artifact weapon.
  5. Relog. If this is not working just change spec from resto to another one and back. Relog and it should work.
  6. Look up if your WTF folder has a writing protection. If you are leaving WoW via Alt + F4 the game also won't save any settings set up.
  7. Due the server crash before some minutes I missed the applied Artifec Knowledge Level 3 - it was resetted to LvL 2. Is there a way to get this LvL back? Regards
  8. Server's up again.
  9. The server worked as I logged of about 2:00 pm (CET)
  10. The developers fix parts of every aspect in the game.
  11. I get this problem aswell, so your installation of wow is all right.