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  1. They didn't script artifacts quests - we get them easy. They don't script mounts quests - we get fked... I can't understand the logic. Why not just give them? Are they so valuable we have to suffer like hell to get them? No, they're not.
  2. Just an update - a friend got me a confirmation: you receive the Nightborne Manasaber in your mail when you reach 110 on your nightborne. The other mount, still don't know.
  3. Actually, one of them is. But I'll hope you're right. When I get to 110 on my nightborne I'll know.
  4. I've seen a some and around and I want to know if it's possible to get them via quests/achievements or only FS shop. I'm asking because every step I try to accomplish faces some kind of bugged quest, preventing me from following the quest line.
  5. I'll have to keep posting since things keep happening the wrong way in this server. So I'll keep doing this as a form of keep tracking of what is going on in case anyone wants to know. Now a dev closed my report changing the status to 'resolved' because there's no problem with the test server and it 'Should be corrected next week' on the regular server. Well, I'm glad someone will take a look, but if the problem persists the report should stay active and classified as 'resolved' only when they actually fix it.
  6. Glad to help. You can also join the bugtracker. I created a report for the issue:
  7. I started crafting 850 gear way before this quest. There are quests working until we get stuck. Take a look on wowhead or wowgame and you'll find them. You have to get the quests from the leather and mail trainers in Dalaran. Also you need to buy or drop the best recipes. I got a few, including rank 3.
  8. Update: both quests were fixed, but now is the same problem with Battle Bonds and the npc Lio the Lioness
  9. With Draenor or Legion skinning you can skin basically any mob level since the skinning level 1 (if you're playing WoD or Legion, of course). From 1 to 750 (more or less) you can level in WoD's Nagrand getting some pretty valuable Raw Beast Hide.
  10. I'm trying to do the Adventuring Anxieties quest. I have to talk to the npc Mei Francis in Dalaran, but when I click her it opens the vendor tab and nothing else. How can I advance in this quest? I've seen people selling the item this quest teaches so there must be a way. I need to go forward in the leatherworking quests. Also the quest Shoulder the Burden seems to be bugged, since we can't click in the item to loot. Sent a ticket but I'm asking here too just in case. Thanks
  11. They have servers for all expansions. Servers that never cap 1k players. They just created a new one for Vanilla. I don't think it's that hard for them. And 'enough' GMs? Really? Never saw such 'enough' here or any other private server. Yes, you can't control who's gonna play, but lots of players would choose to play along the ones they could speak to. And to fuel the server transfer, they could offer a few FPs maybe or a gift like a mount, you know, those things that make some players almost kill themselves to get. Not true. I've been playing in Sylvanas since the start. Lag was always present in crowded areas. Read above. And what's the point of a massive server pop if half of them can't even speak to you? You enter a BG, it's a pain. You go Raid, awful. I rather play with 3k people that can really play together instead of 10k that can't communicate with themselves.
  12. Plain and simple: we need a server split. 1st - current server can't handle the amount of players connected. 2nd - the majority of english and spanish speakers can't get along, or raid together or bg, so separating into Eng and Spa server would improve everyone's game. With such move, I believe Firestorm would make all players happy.
  13. world is too big... can we have a time zone pls?
  14. Ok, thanks. I can understand why. But either way I didn't get anything in the kills and it was supposed to be my daily loot.
  15. Sup, I'm returning to the server after some time out and I'm not getting order resources or any loot from the rares in Azsuna (like Daggerbeak, etc) anymore. Did Firestorm change their loot? Or am I bugged?