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  1. And what about the TONS of unsolved bugs listed on bugtracker?
  2. UPDATE: for those trying only ICC 25h, I just got it from Saurfang chest in 10h. Tip: don't loot him, only the chest on his tower.
  3. It happens sometimes. Just go out of ICC and do other things. Come back in like an hour and it will be working
  4. Yeah, I talked to a GM and it seems Soultakers will not drop it atm. For now the only option is Saurfang according to the GM. Great, isn't it? A 0.something% drop instead of a 100%. But hey, we can still buy it from the shop
  5. Didn't know that. Gonna check it out. Thanks
  6. After waiting something like 2 months, The Soultakers are finally up. Killed them 4 times already and still got no hidden appearance for my frost dk. Is it working or the only way to get it is from the shop??? I always hit the 3 of them, so that's not the problem. When they die only one of their corpses stay visible and lootable. All I got was gold tho
  7. Also, you only get the flight after Part 2 is done
  8. This is the kind of reply a staff member shouldn't post. You're simply disregarding all the problems in getting this way while the original way is far more easy (something FS did itself with the artifact weapons just giving them since it wouldn't be able to script all quest lines in time). If you're working for the server, please act like it. Players have the right to complain, like it or not.
  9. When you implement BFA there's absolutely no reason you do that in a different server than the Legion. No one will play Legion and refuse to play BFA. Just like almost no one like to play WoD only. I'm glad to read you don't want to repeat what happened from WoD to Legion, because that was ridiculous. We got ONE free transfer and had to pay for all the others. Expansion is continuity not a selling machine. But if you want a different server I'll suggest: when you implement BFA just give like a week of free transfers so we can keep all our toons (because only the real active players will do it) and then start charging. Simple.
  10. Another profession intentionally screwed to make us buy from shop. Well, I'm starting to think and I should stop playing here. This server is getting ridiculous. In case anyone to check about alchemy, my recent post:
  11. Funny how fast they answer when is something about money, while other posts reporting bugs and asking for information get only the participation of other players...
  12. Just want to ask the FS staff why Warmage Kath'leen isn't selling It's a simple visual pack of items from a previous patch. There's no reason it shouldn't be available.
  13. Why don't you stop being a lazy d*ck and form your own to unlock them? Geez, what the hell happened to the real gamers...
  14. I leveled a few toons in this server but I'm no expert. All I can give you is the very basics. 1-15: basic quests. Note: pick you're professions as soon as you can. Many players ignore that, but you get XP from gathering too and keeping your professions leveled will be useful for making items and profit. Mining gives good XP. Since you're warrior a good combo would be miner/blacksmith or miner/jewelcrafter, so you can also craft your gear or gems. 15-58: now you can join dungeons via group finder. It can take a few minutes to get in so keep doing quests while you're queued (if you're going orc stay in Kalimdor, you don't have to keep jumping continents for leveling, it's not a rule but I like to stay as near as possible from my capital to buy/sell items, level professions, etc). Important: since you're playing a warrior, even if you're gonna play as a dps in the future, queue and play as tank, this way you'll get in dgs waaaay faster. And always do the quests inside the dungeons and the bonus objectives when they work. Those are the most valuable quests you can get. Lots of XP. 58-68/70: Outland quests and dungeons. 68-80: Northrend quests and dungeons (from this point until the end dungeons are just a bonus since they demand some time and the XP isn't that great anymore, but keep doing them since you can get better gear). 80-90: Pandaria quests and dungeons (from this point until Legion map the gathering is extremely more valuable - keep your professions updated). 90-98: Draenor quests and maps bonus objectives. 98-110: Finally Legion. In my opinion the most fun you'll get in your journey. Fast leveling, gear upgrade constantly and a great story. When the world quests start popping to you, go get them tiger! That's the basics. Hope you can take something good from it. Welcome and have fun!
  15. I'll just add to it with my last post from a few seconds ago about alchemy: