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  1. I was trying to complete one with my 103 warrior with no success. But I found some side quests near. It's a pain, sure, but I think we can level to 110. At least I hope so. Also, world quests are a good way to get a decent xp. It's not perfect, but that's what we have for now I guess =(
  2. What about professions? All of us who spend time and resources leveling them will have to do it all over again? All my characters got their professions back to 1. Will you fix that?
  3. Some features are working already. Got a race change.
  4. That's why I asked 'when'... Instead of stating the obvious now let's just wait for an official reply.
  5. No, you won't get free boost. Staff already said that.
  6. Just want to know when the shop will be updated. BFA realm is not there yet.
  7. How about the server shop? Want to buy a race change for a toon. When will it be available?
  8. Awesome news, guys! After years of terrible back pains, can't wait to finally stand straight as an orc I just want to know about the names: are we gonna have to confirm/rename at 1st login or the characters keep their names automatically?
  9. Then I'll say: thank you for listening to the players! That's great!
  10. Only on test realm or this will happen on live too? Because from WoD to Legion we got only ONE and had to buy all the rest, which is ridiculous since it's an EXPANSION, not a new game.
  11. And what about the TONS of unsolved bugs listed on bugtracker?
  12. UPDATE: for those trying only ICC 25h, I just got it from Saurfang chest in 10h. Tip: don't loot him, only the chest on his tower.
  13. It happens sometimes. Just go out of ICC and do other things. Come back in like an hour and it will be working
  14. Yeah, I talked to a GM and it seems Soultakers will not drop it atm. For now the only option is Saurfang according to the GM. Great, isn't it? A 0.something% drop instead of a 100%. But hey, we can still buy it from the shop
  15. Didn't know that. Gonna check it out. Thanks