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  1. I've been looking around to see if anyone has ever reported this fact but i haven't found anything so i'll do it... It seems that the Horde faction can exploit the gates that open when the battleground begins. I don't know how, but i occasionally see horde players get out of the spawn area before the battleground begins and prepare the spawn trap which is very frustrating. I hope you can investigate more, try to figure out what allows them to exploit the gates and fix it. Thanks.
  2. still giving those gold? or the event already ended? if not, i may get a selfie for ya
  3. From what i understood they will add level 3 garrison in the WoD realms with the PvP season 3
  4. Yeah i know it's not simply copy and paste just what i meant why not cooperate with other servers? thats what i meant :'D Btw good to know that you will add the old dungeons/raids!! ^^ i was kinda bored to vote 24/7 everytime just to get a shoulder piece for transmog
  5. It can be a dumb question since i think that you devs have already though about this as a solution to fix old dungeons/raid for WoD realms, but i still want to ask: On Firestorm you have several servers, especially Wotlk and Cata. I went looking for what dungeons/raids work on those servers and i saw that pretty much ALL the PvE section works on those servers, so i wanted to ask, why you do not just "copy-paste" those codes that make those dungeons/raids work into the WoD realms? I would love to farm Firelands for transmog/mounts and etc...
  6. Okay but what if i already used the free transfer to bring my character from pandaria to wod when they created firestorm? Do i still have a free transfer? If not, will they give you the chance to transfer for free when they will open the Legion server?
  7. The problem isn't easily solved that way. Sure chat channels can differentiate people in a comfortable way so that there are no problems of misunderstandings because someone doesn't speak english very well. The problem though persists in case of PvP or PvE. When you force those people to stay together with people from other countries and they have problems speaking English, then it you get a real mess out of it. Imagine hours and hours to explain to the raid how a boss works in different languages or people in bg who do not understand you strategy that you just wrote and so they go ham in random places. Between having few people which can cooperate easily through communication and lots of people but with problems of misunderstandings, i prefer the first option.
  8. Grommash abbiamo una piccola gilda, si chiama DeadlySinS (ally)
  9. The right question is, imo, will we get free transfer over 1 character to bring it to legion realm? Like they did when they created Firestorm and everyone got a free transfer (indeed i tranfered my paladin from Pandashan to Ashran).