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  1. Greetings Firestorm community! We're happy to announce that 1v1 pvp class events will begin on Friday 13/1/2017 on 4PM GMT + 2 OR 3 PM Server (Realm) time. Any player from any realm can join this unique event, which will take place at the Tournament realm. All you have to do is login into the Tournament realm, create an instant level 100 character and buy the starter gear. Each event will be hosting up to 16 participants, any player who missed the participation, or just wants to watch is welcomed and will be ported to watch the event. The rules are: No potions, flasks, bloodlust&heroism, lay on hands or any sort of spell or item you cannot use inside an arena. There will be only starting gear pvp, anyone else with other than season 1 gear will be disqualified. Any player who feels like disturbing the event or causing drama or pvps when not told will be ported out and banned for 2 hours. In order to participate, you must reply into this topic with your character name that you will be participating with. First class will be Hunters. The rewards will be: 1st place:500 Firestorm gold points. 2nd place:300 Firestorm gold points. 3rd place:150 Firestorm gold points. Regards, Jess.
  2. Those are the rumors about it for now. But we'll see if they actually do that
  3. I was kidding, it was a funny video
  4. Rogue, easy.
  5. It's a known problem with Shadow Dance itself.
  6. Sad to see you go Moeland, good luck in whatever you're doing.
  7. The bug is here for awhile now, unfortunately, because everyone wants legion, the bug is gonna stay for awhile also, as all the developers are busy pushing legion for the community, not that the blue gear (without the bonuses) is any useful more than the S1, specially with the catch up cap for all realms, but okay, I suppose that ruined the server.
  8. Firestorm has nothing to do with DDoSing Valhalla, or DDoSing in general.
  9. Greetings, I sincerely apologize for this inconvience, the points has been sent to your account.
  10. Sorry if you feel that enchants are causing you to lose in pvp, pretty sad to hear, cm and legendaries will be available on the live realms soon aswell, and no they're not for gold. Since 6.2.3 ashran reputation does not open up any s2 gear versatility gear, it's availabe without reputation, check it with a non exalted toon. Only Season 1 gear required reputation. You chose to play on a blizzlike realm. As for mage food, dunno how long you play this game, but it removes when entering arenas. So pretty much the only advantage players here get are enchants. Transmog is not an advantage and do not even try to make it look like an advantage it is simply cosmetics.
  11. I understand what you mean, I understand that the game master could've responded like this 'I have checked that matter, and we are now aware of this issue, it will be fixed shortly tomorrow, and we apologize for the inconvience' And be more professional, I very agree, however if you were looking for any other solution or answer than that, I am afraid he would've not be able to help you, because the rules for game masters are strict, they're not allowed to add or give out anything, even if indeed a bug occured, however I apologize for the inconviencey that game master made you feel, however it would've been more appreciated if you in the future check your screenshots before posting, because just because a gm answering emptily, or blunt, that does not mean we are 'shit'.