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  1. Yes but PVP multipliers are
  2. PVP templates
  3. Gr8 guide M8 I r8 8/8
  4. https://firestorm-servers.com/fr/report/index
  5. @silverTwins First of all, do not take it personally. Secondly, even if my answer is crude, I do not see any offense in what I wrote. The question could be, and was, perceived also as an aggression, coming from someone outside of the organisation, claiming he had a RIGHT to know everything that happens to his issue. You saw we took it into account, we are not stupid, just needed to have it in that state at that moment. Insults appart, you said it yourself that another player reported the same bug. If you knew it, why keep two tickets open ? That adds a considerable amount of handling to do for one unique bug. Moreover, if you really want to know all the story, we had a misunderstanding between the DEV responsible for garisson fix (jeyel), and me, on the way to handle new tickets. He wanted to handle them himself, and I wanted to get rid of any new ticket to have a clear view of new issues arising. That lead to a switch in the way we handle garrisson ticket, which requiered Jeyel to go through all tickets he did not check before hand, hence the switch in status. You say you understand that it can be bothersome to work with a lot of tickets, yet you complain because my remark was mildly impolite. I do not have the numbers, but we handle hundreds of tickets per months, and we encounter nice and clear ones as well as shitty ones. I don't really change the way I reply to both though, hence the rude answer. And i did worst, however, it is efficient.
  6. So maybe you should stop spamming the BT ....
  7. Blindly following rules is what lead to some of the attrocities in WW II ^^ Not saying GMs are nazi or anything like that; just that you need to think about what you are doing. Looks like to me not that the GM did not take it as a joke, just that he did not take the time to read the report entierely.
  8. Completely unrelated, but has anyone noticed something with AMage ?
  9. Ok, so global dps is bugged. Would anyone bother actually running some proper tests on idividual spells with the correct formula, with different conditions, etc etc and stop refering to global dps as a gold standard ?