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  1. i also had crashes and it's seems everyone is getting them it's from server
  2. then stop complaning then you're wasting your time complaning other people's stuff
  3. stupidest idea ever
  4. they added it for players to transmog their legendary weapons
  5. you can allways do black temple and icc or doing other raids and checking the shop it has cool stuff including cool transmogs
  6. you can transmog legendary weapons only not other stuff
  7. probably the staff is gonna make us be shepards and the staff will control the sheeps
  8. i was here since 2013 when it was still pandashan
  9. as soon is beta is over in firestorm legion will release
  10. they still haven't announced
  12. i don't even do pve
  13. even if you lose on duel or don't want to duel they keep calling you pussy or noob or scared they keep judging everyone or insult them
  14. and beta is over now players in retail can start lvling chars