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  1. hello everyone i didn't record it , just edit !!! But send a commentary to say what i have to do, or which video style you wan't to see ! Share it for your guild/friends who play on wow
  2. he is actually r1 horde player in 2's XDDDDD (and he was 1k9 double dps on retail)
  3. Sorry for quality i didn't record , just edit for a friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVvt0_9vnSE&feature=push-prem-sub&attr_tag=Ek3boNzl1YUHdLzT%3A6
  4. it's not hard to leveling , but continue , monk is fun to play , and need some skill !
  5. hello everyone , sorry if it's a french commentary pvp video , but i try to do a mixt style montage (commentary + pvp montage) , there is not specialy very importante message , just many ridiculous moment , with my sexy french accent voice . see you
  6. thanks man , i will try to do LS (with a shaman elem)
  7. for me : Mage : Icefang Hunt : Slashziro War : Sentimental Druid : Syoda Lock : Nospam(Nospamcliqu) . It's a great Destro lock
  8. i will creat a special monk for this haha ^^ (pvp season off)