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  1. Oh maybe on Graymane there's such a thing, I don't know.
  2. What are we talking about? Never heard of such treasure on Sylvanas. Be more specific
  3. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/67616 there is a report about that too.
  4. https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/67624 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/67625 Achievements not working.
  5. As far as i know, client is 7.3 but with 7.2.5 content Aside from this, will weekly class hall chest be upgraded/adjusted as well? As ShuRik3n mentioned above with that screen. 7.2.5 M ilvl loot screenshot. Right now 10+ up to 15 gives a base 905ilvl loot
  6. What is intended for "with your friend"? We have to play in a Party with him to receive all those perks? Also, E.T.A for Recruit-a-friend?
  7. Also, kicking them from LFR as well, since there are some of them who join and then go AFK during the raid encounter. In few words, im asking for a system pretty much like the Battlegrounds one. AFK kick u out from BG, and AFK auto-leaves u from queue.
  8. Title: Removing LFR queue to afk people Type: In-game Description:  Hello. It's frustrating waiting hours for peope who don't accept LFR queue. So, in my opinion, i'd suggest a "auto-leave" queue if that persone goes <AFK>, or, I don't know, maybe some sort of deserter? But the latter wouldn't help i think. Thanks.
  9. Come on, only 4 eggs so far?? Furthermore, does anybody know how many "new" eggs spawned?
  10. 32 - Deepholm, Temple of Earth, Ally side
  11. 31 - Tol Barad, center, inside a web.
  12. i still have a negative number..... Can some GM help me?
  13. One outside Orgrimmar, what about the other one
  14. My points are still a minus number, i heard ppl got reset to 0.
  15. Thanks for the announcement, but yeah nothing about loot boxes. Is it increased to 915 like other drops?