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  1. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/67616 there is a report about that too.
  2. https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/67624 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/67625 Achievements not working.
  3. As far as i know, client is 7.3 but with 7.2.5 content Aside from this, will weekly class hall chest be upgraded/adjusted as well? As ShuRik3n mentioned above with that screen. 7.2.5 M ilvl loot screenshot. Right now 10+ up to 15 gives a base 905ilvl loot
  4. up
  5. What is intended for "with your friend"? We have to play in a Party with him to receive all those perks? Also, E.T.A for Recruit-a-friend?
  6. Also, kicking them from LFR as well, since there are some of them who join and then go AFK during the raid encounter. In few words, im asking for a system pretty much like the Battlegrounds one. AFK kick u out from BG, and AFK auto-leaves u from queue.
  7. Title: Removing LFR queue to afk people Type: In-game Description:  Hello. It's frustrating waiting hours for peope who don't accept LFR queue. So, in my opinion, i'd suggest a "auto-leave" queue if that persone goes <AFK>, or, I don't know, maybe some sort of deserter? But the latter wouldn't help i think. Thanks.
  8. Come on, only 4 eggs so far?? Furthermore, does anybody know how many "new" eggs spawned?
  9. 32 - Deepholm, Temple of Earth, Ally side
  10. 31 - Tol Barad, center, inside a web.
  11. i still have a negative number..... Can some GM help me?
  12. One outside Orgrimmar, what about the other one
  13. My points are still a minus number, i heard ppl got reset to 0.
  14. Thanks for the announcement, but yeah nothing about loot boxes. Is it increased to 915 like other drops?
  15. Yeah, that is what im thinking right now. Im saving Loyalty Points hoping that Loot boxes' content'll be increased once Nighthold is out. That's why I asked. If someone from Staff members could confirm, would be great.