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  1. @alex i play wod because i m too disappointed with firestorm-legion and i strongly doubt bfa will be better. sure wod itself also has its problems and currently devs dont work on them (i guess population is too low for now) while some ppl in the community keep exploiting their advantages but hey that s how most humans r and it isnt better elsewhere. dont get me wrong though. i see how much effort the devs put into legion and now bfa and i highly respect them for it. that doesnt mean i have to switch. this might change once we reach the last expansion for wow. i m rly happy about this suggestion and will join if i m free.
  2. try to change resolution to the same value u r using outside the game
  3. agreed warrior needs fix not hunter
  4. what s bugged about it? i say pala is bugged to nerf plz
  5. the com is running to the legion server because they prefer buggy as hell but new over wod for whatever reason with a population below far below 500 i doubt they ll put any effort here and this will most likel repeat for the legion server once bfa is released
  6. it s starts. depending on ur system it will take while though
  7. u can also get looms by lp or fp
  8. nvm seems the if hl vendor isnt implemented
  9. seems to be a thing to kill heirloom vendors and other important npcs well it s not much a problem in sw or org as there r often enough others take care off those assholes but it looks different for the heirloom vendor in if having to wait that long is rly frustrating and in worst case he s even getting killed while u looking up the stuff u want to buy so my suggestion is to reduce respawntimer and/ or increase npc lvl/ stats, guards, way to easy atm
  10. eh wasnt there a bug with manatea where u got more stacks than u should resulting in high manareg? and no matter how u look at it having 30x the heal of the second place isnt merely a gear difference...
  11. mind ur language boy using that kind of tone wont make the fix faster
  12. this actually sounds like resi is not working properly against some hunter pets?
  13. what exploit is he using?
  14. yes u can use sw teleport to go to ashran and get the fp then u go back to ur garrison and fly over or else the quest wont trigger
  15. disappeared

    a screen like this doesnt prove anything... also most ppl dont even use crafted stuff cause the pvp stuff is as good or better anyway and much easier to get