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  1. Ok so far so good. CPU core temp is around 26C GPU is 47C in window mode. 20 min. in the game and no shut down I think is time to replace thermal paste. Today i will buy new paste and we will see if this will help.
  2. I play on low settings in all games but i will try in window mode and record some temps to see what will happen. I forgot to say what is my pc config. (i did not overclock anything my bios is on default settings). 16 GB RAM SuperTalent DDR 3 1333 mhz CPU: amd fx 8320 water cooling: corsair H55 GPU: sapphire radeon r9 290 tri-x MB: Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 SSD: KINGSTON 120 GB Sata 3 (i use it as my C only for windows and programs) HHD: Hitachi 320 GB, 5400 RPM Sata 2
  3. Hi guys. I need some help. When i play wow after several minutes my pc shutting down (no blue screen, no error, it say windows is shut down just like you go to start menu and press shut down pc. ) I have no temperature issues my cpu temp is around 30C and gpu 45-50C. I have no viruses and to be sure i just do clean install on windows (full format on all hhd) and i have only wow, diablo 3 and starcraft 2 games install I have no viruses and to be sure i just do clean install on windows and i have only wow, diablo 3 and starcraft 2 games install. I make full scan with my antivirus program and everything is ok. I have all latest drivers also i run some stress test programs and my hardware pass everything. I have all latest drivers also i run some stress test programs and my hardware pass everything. I open my pc clean it up from dust also i check motherboard and PCU (i also change my PCU cable with new one just to be sure and the problem is still here...). I am almost sure that this happens only when i play wow because i play several hours on D3 and SC2 and my PC was just fine, but when i start to play wow poof after 5 min. my pc shut down. I am wonder if someone have the same problem or know how to fix this issue. I will be really thankful. Also i want to ask is it possible that Blizzard detect my wow game and shut the pc down??? Can someone help me?
  4. Actually your PVP item level is around maybe 660-670, because you have a lot of weak items. On another hand his PVP item level is around 700-710 ( he have 9 items with 730 item level and 5 items with item level 715).
  5. If you still don't understand i will explain to you: You have season 1 gear + blue and green items and you enter in arena.... This rogue have full season 2 honor and conquest gear. The question how he kill you? Ez he pop his CDs and trinket + crit finishing move = GG I am very happy when i see players like you to enter in arena and when i nuke someone like you the crit number go in the sky and my target die for 5-6 seconds (in most cases).
  6. Hahaha ez buy some gear...
  7. I don't think so. When i get my treasure maps I try to get some of the treasure in shadowmoon valey but i never find one, and i check almost every spawns.
  8. Hahaha this guy is so emotional
  9. Hi guys until we wait for this server lag to get fix, here some old but fun videos. Enjoy
  10. Good luck. Here is some examples:
  11. Agree, but those players are one on million to find... Most of them rly do nothing. Season 2 pops long time ago and honestly i don't think that anyone will give a f**k about season 1 items anymore. I don't think that changing season 1 items from honor to gold will take many manpower or time, but hey i am not a tech guy to know that. It is just suggestion, and losing because of too many green lazy players with no teamwork is not fun at all.... And what will you do when you enter in team with players like this? Do you leave and wait 15 min. penalty for leaving, or you start to do pointless pvp and don't care for losing?
  12. I don't see how players will go wild if they make season 1 pvp gear to cost gold not honor. Most likely they will go wild if GMs decide to put item level requirement for entering in BG and Arena, because they are too lazy to farm... In MOP i was seeing that most players was entering in BG with last green items from vendor ( and it was level 88 and item level 408. And i think if they change the season 1 gear to cost gold then players will buy it and enter with this gear (not all players of course but the majority of them will buy it). I am not talking only for me or only for the Alliance. This problem is for ALL players, no matter Alliance or Horde. This problem is in all realms. Only players from fun Tournament realm don't have this problem because they get the season 1 items when they start.
  13. This is my feedback from my experience in BGs and Arena. Here i am not talking about hackers, because we all know that servers is full with them... I like cross realms Battleground and Arena, but there are big problem and i think that GMs must consider this, and solve it somehow. The problem is that many many to many players come in Battlegrounds and Arena with FULL GREEN gear or even with item level around 90-270 and they have only 60k HP (in the best cases)... This is super annoying because when 4-5 players with trash items enter in the BG = 100% lose, and i see many players with green items entering in Arena WTF?!?!? I know that doing BG is the only way to get season 2 honor gear, but they don't even try to get best NOT honor gear. Players have many ways to get better 540-590 item level gear from professions, AH, questing, farming NPC etc... How to solve this problem? I was thinking for 2 solutions about that: 1. Add item level requirement for entering in BG or Arena for example in BG add item level that required at least a non pvp item level around 550-590. For Arena the item level obviously must be higher like 650-660. If this can't happen then here is the second suggestion and i think will be the best: 2. Make season 1 PVP gear to cost gold. Because players from Tournament realm just enter the game and get FREE starter season 1 PVP gear (why you don't make them entering with green items to see how they will feel? ), and our players from other realms just enter in BG with greens items level around 230-270 and just waiting to be carry and hope for win... Is not fair to see players from cross realms in BG when the difference between item level is around season 1 gear and green 230-270 item level. In our realms what is the point season 1 gear to cost the same amount of honor points like season 2 gear? At least make it to cost like 50-70 gold per item and then we will never see players to enter with green items in BG and Arena. Except the full retard players of course... I am asking GMs to consider this problem very seriously, because we all struggle in BG when this happen.
  14. So i buy this item Findle's Loot-A-Rang in our server the price is around 10-13k gold. I mange to buy it for 10k gold, just to find out that this item don't work... This item has been reported in the tracker on January 21, 2016 and still is not fixed. I think that this item is one of the best items and all farming players will use it, if this item got fix and the report must be tagged to "fix needed asap". It will save you so much time, you will no more loot 5-10 mobs like crazy man, you will just click 1 button and you are done! I don't know why this item is not fix yet and if the GMs need prove that this item don't work then here it is: PS: I am listening a radio so dont judge for the audio And here is a video in youtube that shows how this item should work:
  15. Ok thank you for the info.