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  1. You can try to use the battlenet launcher to fix the issue. What I would do is finish any update from the battlenet launcher and then restart your PC. After that open the Firestorm Launcher and click play. Now more than likely it will seem that nothing happened. Give it 10-15m and a WoW update will appear at the top left of your screen. Be patient and allow this to update it may take a few minutes. After that it should open up the game and you can log in. *I'm no expert but I THINK this will fix the issue. Best of luck ;D !
  2. Yes it'll end server time 00:00 tonight/today
  3. 1st egg orgrimmar valley of honor waterfall 2nd egg durotar near the boxes at the gate 3rd sludge fen in barrens 4th temple in azshara (temple of zin-malor) 5th new dala battle pet 6th ashenvale forest song 7th shattrath alchemy trainer 8th pandaria, veiled stairs, inside the black prince's house 9th stranglethorn, gurubashi arena 10th elwynn forest thunder falls in the house (near waterfall south-west from SW) 11th elwynn forest, goldshire next to the inn, at a tree 12th stormwind cathedral, go inside and go towards the crypts at right 13th duskwood, twilight grove 14th darnassus, cenarion enclave, at a big trunk behind some weapons 15th old dalaran, in the sewer's "inn", left from the sewer pipe. (you don't enter the pipe, it's before it) 16th icecrown, argent tournament grounds, near enchanting trainer, northwest side of the whole building 17th sholazar basin, nesingwary camp, in a smaller tent 18th tanaris, northwest from gadgetzan in a cave (cave of big scorpid for a quest) 19th, krasarang wilds, north from ruins of dojan, in pools of youth 20th, outland, hellfire peninsula, near the dark portal's stairs (don't go down, you should be able to target it) 21st durotar, go outside orgrimmar, start going towards the sea, and it's in the left big tower. 22nd and one in dalaran sewer, the pvp one Credits to Harushi
  4. you sound like you are whining on useless topics on the forums sir
  5. Thanks to Firestorm we have successfully figured out how to time-travel with these lags! I'll have perfect connection speeds and then a keystone or battleground later and I am 5 minutes in the past!!
  6. It may be a server restart that you happened to log in during? Maybe. I don't know. I was playing fine and my friend couldn't log in so I ran a few tests on their PC and all should have worked. Then I logged out to see if I had the same issue aforementioned and I did. So you've got me.
  7. Where's the Boris?
  8. I just reset my PC and re-downloaded the full World of Warcraft game. Once the download was completely done I downloaded the Firestorm Launcher's Legion. I just logged in and I don't have any bags, not even the starting 16 slot traveler bag. I also can hit enter to chat but I can not press the same enter to send my messages? The game is running fine though it's only those issues which are pretty crucial. Anyone else have this problem before?
  9. I was wondering what secrets everyone has found out about to leveling fast on this server. For example, I know there is an area in MoP where you crack open alligator eggs to level from 85-90 in 20m. I also know that the river in Shadowmoon Valley where luminous flies can be killed for mega XP from level 90-100. Well what about level 1-80?
  10. I have had that same issue with Helya (Maw of Souls' last Boss) for the past 2 days. It used to work and Helya was working, but it looks like they will need to fix something.
  11. I appreciate the swift and formal reply to this discussion! Will this also transfer the items in my character's inventory/bank? I have some transmogs that would be awesome to keep =)
  12. I was playing on the new Legion server when I came across a player that told me he transferred from a different realm. How can I do this? I read somewhere that your first transfer is also free.