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  1. Then spanish people should stop using world_en to recruit for their mythic+/raids too,sounds fair right?,can't even possibly say how many spaniards try to get carried on world_en,i learned all the spanish name versions of the dungeons unwillingly just from how many of you are on that chat.And to say that there's no spanish in world_en :)) ah laughed my ass off nice joke
  2. Great idea,i 100% support this.I'm sick and tired of all these supposedly high geared spanish idiots that can barely form a proper phrase in english,getting carried on raids and dungeons on our expense,I understand if it would happen once in a while but in firestorm this shit would happen every day. So if you're not going to give us a way to get geared without buying your stupid loot boxes atleast let us have fun and remove the trash from this realm and make a different one for them.
  3. No you won't.Stop lying to us.
  4. Not to mention their ignorance towards us,they'll reply to people encouraging them but when some1 is spilling out the truth their just crawling in a corner hiding from the forums and discord.
  5. Ok the hate for the server comes not for the bugs that are within it but for the content,lies and p2w method firestorm is using.I've been playing on retail until the BFA pre-patch,legion was my favorite expansion and i got bored of retail.I've been on and off from retail for a long time every time i would take a break i would come here on firestorm and what i a hater don't like is that they have their lootboxes for 940+ and also lying with the mythic+ adjustment which is the same shit as when they released ToS and other players can confirm that. And with their mythic+ loot thats currently going on there's no chance for a non donator player to reach 940 not without buying their stupid loot boxes. WoW has always been about play 2 win never about pay 2 win,but firestorm had to ruin it ofc.Cosmetics,mounts i have nothing against these only against the gear boxes. I have friends playing for years and they can't get past the 920ilvl because trash developer team and staff won't include the right mythic+ loot for this patch and put their loot boxes on the first place instead of their playerbase.
  6. Stop spamming this and get used to bugstorm,shitstorm,firestorm whatever you want to call it.They don't give a shit as long as there are idiots who keep buying their stupid loot boxes and also unrewarding the players who actually invest time in this shithole.I came back from a 2 week break only to see that they're trying to fool us around with their "mythic+ loot adjustment" which is the same shit they had going on since ToS release.I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging money for migrations as well.Atleast if they'd deliver worthy content for the playerbase then it would've been worth the money but no,full of bugged dungeons and developers that don't give a shit about what we want. And i for one will stop playing until they release the right mythic+ dungeon loot i'm sick of doing lvl 12 and higher keys just to get 900ish ilvl items and hope for a possible upgrade on the weekly chest.So nope,in my opinion the players should make a little protest and boycott the server.Maybe then the developers will wake up from their greedy sleep.
  7. Dude exactly,like hardcore players are not rewarded at all because of this trash staff team refusing to implement the right mythic+ loot.
  8. You should get used to this,this is firestorm,atleast if they would be discreet about ripping off their playerbase of their money. Like for example they're trying to fool us with their new "mythic+ loot adjustment" which is the exact same shit they had going on since the ToS update just so we can buy their stupid loot boxes so we can get a real upgrade. This has just become pay2win in my opinion even tho WoW never had such a thing in it,firestorm found a way to make it p2w.Like an experienced player with loads of mythic 10+ done will barely manage to get over 910-915 ilvl while some1 who has money can simply buy the lootboxes and go straight to a 930+ ilvl.Where's the fun in that? And what's the point in players trying to get geared anyways they released ToS mythic but that shit requires a 940 base ilvl.But they won't fcking implement the right mythic+ loots
  9. It's good you replied to that issue but you still didn't answer my question,when are you going to stop ripping us off and actually give us the content we deserve? So we can get to to high ilvl without buying your loot boxes?
  10. And with a quick follow up ToS mythic drops 940ilv base gear,and as far as i'm concerned you need to be atleast same ilvl as the base gear ilvl drop or 5 ilvl lower,and with your mythic+ loot adjustment which is 7.2.5 the only way to get to 940 is to buy you're stupid loot boxes.I understand your trying to drain your playerbase of every penny they got but atleast be more discreet.
  11. Are you kidding with the mythic+ loot adjustment? It's exactly fcking the same as it was until now,now let me ask you why tf you keep advertising this shit as 7.3.5 when all the content is 7.2.5 including your new "adjustment" for mythic+ drops wtf is wrong with you. The first picture should perfectly enlighten you on how the mythic+ loot should be like in 7.3.5 as you're advertising. And the second is exactly what you're trying to "adjust" and practically nothing changes since your "adjustment" is implemented since you launched ToS.
  12. As the title says i'm amazed on how beautifully these dungeons are scripted,what can i say i feel so good when i get teleported undermap in Maw Of Souls when the Helarjar Champion casts Bone Chilling Scream if we're unable to CC him or intrerrupt. Not to say all the effort put in scripting Black Rook Hold as well, when reaching the second boss and after a single wipe the door after Agalmar of Souls is locked and you can get past it only with mage blink or as a druid,oh yeah the same shit happens on the raid Tomb of Sargeras on the door towards Mistress Sassz'ine,should you really release the final wing as well?,i don't want to imagine how "Well it will work".And these are just the tip of the iceberg so to say. What can i say,beautiful "FULLY FUNCTIONAL" dungeons you have here,your developers deserve some praise,don't even want to think about the other gamebreaking bugs. I'll keep doing your mythic+ dungeons i love getting tilted and nervous. Cheers.
  13. I don't find it fair that we can't use boris for allied what's the point?