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  1. hello GM or Moder! why have paladin low healing and dmg spec holy, idk as offe 2 season skill "Denounce" damage 15000-18000, there 6000-9000 is low and offe skill "Flash of Light" healing 40k and plus glyph 10% got 45k healing, there 27k is low, offe skill "Execution Sentence" healing minimum 80k ( crit 150k (Burst 400k)) there 70k ( crit 130k(burst 240k) have bugs low 80 crit is burst there holy paladin poblem if cant PvP played is very low need Nerf! and thanks!
  2. healing 27k and Denounce 7k damage is low, as offe 2 season damage 16k and healing 45k, bugs?is Holy Pal