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  1. Is anyone roleplaying on this realm?
  2. Thanks guys.
  3. Hey guys, when i download the Legion i am allowed to play or i need to get a code or something? Or it's free now for everyone to join Legion on Firestorm, and how do i transfer my character or i need another account?
  4. Hi, Moeland i've fixed it thanks for your help.
  5. I'm in Draenor(Shadowmoon Valley) i'm 96 lvl and all quests i take is bugged , in my Garrison nearly 10 quests are all damn bugged, in Shadowmoon Valley Prophet Velen, Maraad, all quests bugged, it's really anoying in leveling + i'm 96 lvl and it takes a lot to lvl up without quests gotta farm for hours to earn 1 level. Please staff are you fixing those problems?
  6. I downloaded the official version from battle.net too, with that version i have errors, i still need help.
  7. I need serious help, i can't level up every 10 minutes i'm getting wow error please staff, help me or someone experienced with this, here is the problem ---> http://imgur.com/cY9C5L3
  8. Guys, i'm recently getting this and it's really anoying i can't play my game... Please answer me what should i do? Here's the problem http://imgur.com/cY9C5L3
  9. Thank you Misahky.
  10. me too i posted an ban appeal , what happend guys?