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  1. Hi there, i am working on DH's right now and i know what is bugged, if you got any info beside these ones feel free to fill BT and i'll look at it later, fixes coming soon ^-^
  2. Normal/Heroic/Mythic.
  3. sylvanas

    Some problems with Xavius such as meteor splitting damage, guilds reported and we are working so standby.
  4. If we can at least have logs, that would be great because as Tweek said the are Restro druids not Boomkin's or ferals.
  5. What a great way to enjoy WoW, thanks!
  6. That's pretty cool! cant wait for the new contant
  7. Actually warmane is a pure pvp, and i really would like to see a pure pvp realm here as well
  8. i would love to see this idea on MoP, mostly for PVP'ers since they want a whole realm alone, and create a realm cross for bg's, arenas. dungeons and raids. Gonna be nice if its gonna be active like WoD's one, with cross realm phases, will be rank 1 realm
  9. Gonna be nuts, Do it!
  10. And let me remind you with something, this aint retail, so you gotta work with what you've got at the moment not spamming fix fix fix.
  11. Well, I am doing my stuff, and your stuff is to report this to something called *bugtracker* not a forum and be like " OH LETS GET LIKES TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN" it aint working buddy. as I said you are wasting your life time so go do something else.
  12. Lol dude chill there is nothing called "voting" its something called priority of fixing, fixing the thing you want doesnt matter as much as other things like spells or talents...etc. or working on heroic and mythic emerald nightmare, so take a seat and wait your turn, which means for ever. as i said use shivtar or guild msg of the day and that's it, or open a discord channel for your guild and put the raid timing inside it, there is no need to fix your stuff at the moment.
  13. lmfao are you kidding me ? just use the damn massage of the day LOL, this bug will not be fixed even if you go try hard so stop wasting our time, and use shivtr site, or guild massage. Have a good day
  14. stormheim

    i believe they are spawned but without drop rates. only gold.
  15. I hope we can get the 3rd slot of relics and appereances in legion soon.