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  1. Greetings, Please head to the store support page for help. We do not handle shop issues in the General board of the forums. Kind regards, Game Master Alraeth
  2. Personally, I wish we had a system like this. Who knows, the devs might do us a favor
  3. It's really nice to see that the PvE community is alive and kicking, I barely find any PvE action on my persional. Keep up the good work! Kind regards, Game Master Alraeth
  4. Greetings, Please create a report with proof of the people bullying your friend so we can addiquately help you. Kind regards, Game Master Alraeth
  5. Glad to see the players making events to keep eachother entertained!
  6. Congrats
  7. Account sharing is against the ToS of Firestorm. If your account is stolen or compromised we will not help in the reutrning of said accounts. You've been warned.
  8. Greetings, I would suggest changing all of your passwords. Please to be sure to change your email passworld, your account password and turn on the authenticator. Do not use the same password for everything be sure to use more than just one password for your email and Firestorm account. If you're account is compromoised we cannot help you get it back as we do not manually retrieve accounts. Kind regards, Trial Game Master Alraeth
  9. It's lookin good!
  10. Greetings, Brian. No, any use of third party programs to get an edge is against the rules. It will first result in a 7 days ban, then 15, than perminant. Please do not use any third party software. Kind regards, Trial Game Master Alraeth
  11. Issue has been resolved. Locking and moving to archive.
  12. Okay, please make a thread in the Tech Support section of the forums. Over there you will get better assistance than you will here in General Discussion. I hope someone can help you with your issue over there. Kind regards, Trial GM Daran
  13. Greetings Xoxopowa, Run WoW as an administrator, it's says right in the error to. I hope this helps, good luck! Kind regards, Trial GM Daran
  14. Greetings Onzie, Run the game as administrator, acess violations result due to the client not getting the correct permissions to be used. For future refrence, posting in the Tech Support section on the forums could get you help faster than posting it in here. Anyway, I hope this helped. Good luck! Kind regards, Trial GM Daran
  15. Welcome Moeland! Good to see the Firestorm family is growing!