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  1. Then the server is not configured as it should be? You are supposed to see the whole battleground and people in it Not to load your enemies right infront of you
  2. Nope.. in Warsong Gulch again.. i have to go to the middle of the map so enemy players to load up. =\
  3. It helped! Thanks!
  4. Well I'm more into pvp.. and running behind someone and not be able to kidney shot him or miss interrupts because of this 200 latency is game breaking. Yes 200 ms is "playable" you could run around and spam skills but it's for sure not a quality gameplay!
  5. @Echidna sry for bothering you with my drama.. you are free to skip this "DRAMA" right? But i guess if this happens you will be one of the butthurt who got big MONEY and want to be the richest again in the new server! Then just copy everything on the new server.. even the AH rofl. This "gold cap" per character is just bullsht.
  6. And still. It's supposed to be fresh new realm right? Giving us 110 characters is awesome, at least we will save time leveling up to 110.. and focus only on the new content. But giving us items and gold at the start is not good. Maybe I'm talking like that because I'm not rich.. and still "FRESH SERVER" with tons of gold at the start will give rich ppl huge advantage to rule the economy without any effort! And about donations, well you can't stop them.
  7. It's good that we will have our characters copied on the BFA once it's released. But capping 10k gold per character is not a solution! People will make tons of alts and spread 10k gold on each one ALSO will fill their bags with expensive BOE stuff like mounts bags and so on.. This means people with millions of gold on sylvanas will have their gold in BFA and this is not fresh start at all! Bringing leveled 110 characters is wonderful, but you should not let us bring any gold or items in bags/bank! This will ruin the economy since rich people will be rich from the very opening of the realm!
  8. Hi guys! My game settings are all on ultra and lets say in Eye Of The Storm battleground, you should have view from your base on all towers and people fighting there, but i cant even see the flag from base? My viewing distance is literally ~100 yards. Any idea what to do? I have all the settings for viewing distance, far away objects etc. on max.. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  9. Same here.. I'm from Europe too and my ms in legion servers is about 150-200+ its almost unplayable.. I see many people are complainin about that. Any chance of improvement?
  10. How long this migratons take? I'm trying to migrate from MonsterWow.. but it says position #1430 ?!
  11. Hey guys help please? This thing is unplayable! Every skill got about 1 sec delay in the best scenario.. 150-300ms =\ What are the server locations both Legion and BFA? In BFA i have about 50-70ms in Legion ~200. If i have to use VPN tell me what server to look for?
  12. Hi there! Do you guys have any plans to improve your legion servers latency? I see many people are complaining about it.. ms 150+++ jumping in hundreds. And then your still in beta server BFA we have 30-50ms. Please complete 1 server at a time.. i believe its more worth it to have 1 perfect than few bugged Greetings!
  13. Or can i migrate 2 but in different time.. i mean 1 now and 1more later from same server? Or this option works once just click and done.. you completed your migration?
  14. Hi there! I've seen you have the option to migrate from wowfreakz and monsterwow.. and i can migrate 2 characters. Can i migrate 1 from each server?