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  1. There is only the shop which is valid: looking for gear of previous expansions or hidden appearances of artifacts, go to the shop. It became more scripted in shop more than in game Lol.
  2. I wonder if the damage of the monk Windwalker is well scripted at pvp or even inferior to damage in MoP or Wod or that pvp scale which seems to be pretty brocken. Take a look at the combat log which is in French, seriously ? Rising sun kick 40k damage and less, fury punch.....and the damage of the artifact less than 100k max.............. WTF Please think much more about the SHOP.
  3. FOR DA HORDE, ALLIANCE SUCKS................ballz
  5. Monk WW is broken in BG and arenas don't worry. The damage is pretty weak like someone plays in MoP.
  6. Take care of fixing the broken classes then go make these pointless events.
  7. Event for those who can buy from the shop as long as the whole content is not fixed yet.
  8. No nerf hammer I think, everything is fine haha. I have a monk with 855 gear and I can't deal such damage especially with the new bug of mastery
  9. Nothing
  10. Solution: Cosmeticator 2000
  11. Says a happy paladin.
  12. Every "hot fix" create new bugs. Wait for a long time until the "dev" fix, if they care. Changelog of W*rLe*ion.
  13. I'm an alliance player .
  14. Wod transmog obtained in game of course through raids, factions ' reputations.
  15. Abie , your commentary makes people think there will be no fix for any broken spell to avoid Bug Abusing. What happened to Combustion will apply to any main spell, if nobody cares , I care about my class like everyone else. All spells are important unless the devs can't script anymore. Like I said , what is important to gain expertise score while having a player who dodge without any specific spell of damage reduction or reflection ? I really find some difficulties.