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  1. bfa

    So many players left BFA
  2. Server still offline because they didn't lost anything. LOL.
  3. Not working here, any other idea ?
  4. I have same problem bro, not running just waiting on same screen and "looking for update".
  5. I think people doesn't understand the problem itself. Legendary items not increase stats as it supposed to be. Let me explain Change ur head,chest,shoulder, feet <- legendary items with 855, 860 ilvl epic head,chest,shoulder or feet. I think "860 ilvl epic = 890 ilvl legendary" <- So, it is so hard to find them and nerf now. All about that.
  6. Relog not fix anything. This is problem about item itself. Not increase stats same as old.
  7. My pvp HP was over 3100k (860 pvp ilvl) but 2 days ago it is decreased. Fifteen mins ago i changed legendary item (890 pvp ilvl ) feet for "dh" with 855 feet warforged and just 6k hp changed (with legendary 2996k 890 ilvl / 2990k 855 warforged). Sooo there is something wrong about legendary items also you guys can test it. Just join a battleground or arena and change your legendary item with another item. Also other stats not increasing, Armor, main stat (agi, int ...) all are decreased.
  8. i have same problem. Decreased from 3100k+ to 2977k <--- now i changed gears ( 863 to 866 and still too low) --> 2996k PVE HP -> 2211K ---------> PVP HP -> 2996K "also" reinforced armor activated (+%10 hp) . How a logic ! My hp so so not increasing in pvp mode if i deactive reinforced armor. Demon Hunter
  9. Ok ok enough, you guys see useless things -> important. Ok keep doing -> nothing.
  10. Explain us then what they are doing ?
  11. Do i saying to them solve bugs ? Don't u understand ? Why there are game masters "IN GAME" when they are doing nothing ? I want to see DEVS in game and want to contact with devs " by help menu (i mean ticket)". There are so many game masters and they only solve some disputes ( pehh...). We are not talking responsibilities of moderators or devs. We are here and talking game masters ( not usefull staff ) and we don't need them. (Enough 1-2 gm in game for follow people's act.) -> which u call it overseers. Ask to other people their idea about GMs. Let we see how many of them like or not.
  12. Half of your words can able for do in game with items -> teleport ( use stones), bosses ( wait restart), items ? ( use bug tracker) bla bla bla... No one can convience me about the gm are usefull they are totally useless staff. I am not telling anything about "DEVS" they are already working great. Bugs can exist, lags can exist. I am accepting this game's "dev" staff best ever i saw. But i cannot say same things for gm. Gms responsibilities -> Log in game, kick some people from chat, if somebody ask you about information or problems show the way of bug tracker. DONE! good job.
  13. I am telling that ! Don't u guys understand it. They are doing "Nothing" <- just nothing. Leave the game alone because game is working already by itself and with devs. Game don't need to game masters. Transfer game masters to forum team.
  14. GMs are the overseers of World of Warcraft and watch over a server to solve problems, disputes, and sometimes punish people disobeying the Terms of Use policy Problem of what ? Dispute and punish ? Are u sure about that ? I didn't see any punishing yet and your "ban topic" is still empty under of forum. Let me explain-> There is a option in game " You guys call it -> "Help" <- help of what ? show the way of bug tracker ? By the way there are many overseers who u guys call "GM" who i call "useless" staff.
  15. Well, How can i start to topic don't know. I wanted many times technical support in game from game masters -> They all the time says: Bug tracker same as parrot. If you guys always will say -> use bug tracker, bug tracker, bug tracker -> what are u guys doing in game ? Do you guys reporting problems to dev ? NO ( we are doing that things already ) Do u guys helping to somebody ? No ( we are already using bug tracker. ) Why there are many game masters and what are their responsibilities ? If DEVS will fix everything -> i will be more happy to see in game support their existance.