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  1. Greetings. Our admins and developers is working on resolving this issue -Moeland
  2. Greetings! The Maintenace earlier today were the new update to the legion realm There's always getting made announcements in game or at least a time given before the restart! I will now close this thread as this will turn into a drama party. Best regards Senior Game Master Moeland
  3. Greetings! This is a known issue and our developers is working on fixing it! Hopefully it'll be fixed by monday //Senior Game Master Moeland
  4. Lies!
  5. Keep in mind that all new realms are crashing a lot -Moeland
  6. There is a temporarily fix for this, enter a skirmish que and open the guild tap in there, and it should work
  7. After some thoughts I'm resigning from the FS staff team. Hopefully I'll return someday, but for now. It's been a pleasure speaking with all of you and assisting you. -Moeland
  8. Greetings @Nineinchcow Please report this player on the Tournament report a player section Best regards Senior Game Master Moeland
  9. This has been answered by Xelarian
  10. Greetings @Vactor Please submit an ingame ticket and I will assist you. Best regards Senior Game Master Moeland
  11. Anyways please submit an appeal
  12. Wait What?i haven't banned you
  13. Greetings @Kronz The names of the character is stored in our database for 30 days incase you regret the deletion and wants to recover the character. You'd have to wait for the 30 days to expire Best regards Senior Game Master Moeland
  14. Greetings @vip3r Please upload a Picture of your addon folder for me Best regards Senior Game Master Moeland