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  1. english

    I only speak English... I am looking for Active English Speaking Alliance Guild for at least 3 of my characters Priest (Healer some what new to healing), DK (Blood and Frost Specs) Druid (Feral) I do have a Rogue that is in another guild but willing to join another guild and my rogue is mostly for PvP. I am looking for the following below English Speaking Only Casual PvE PvP Raids Dungeons Active I also have 1 Horde Warlock as well for Horde guild. Let me know what guilds I can join?
  2. Thank you So once I hit 110 on say a Void Elf I get those items? This is what I wanted to hear.
  3. Question do we get Allied Races Mounts after we created them? If so, How do I get them? I got the riding training and still no mounts for Allied Races. Is this a bug or just do not get them on firestorm?