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  1. Great updates. But I hope u didn't forget court of stars
  2. ATM having this issue with every stormheim world quest
  3. nvm its back.
  4. Ye about 40 mins since i last checked
  5. server issue, your character isnt bugged dw.. gonna restart again
  6. The problem is not only with the launcher actually, even i open the game directly without the launcher but when im trying to load the .exe file, it gives me this error message
  7. Ok i made a report that the traits were removed from my Truthguard(twice), u guys asked me for proof, i gave u all the images i could regarding the issue. it went on for 4 days of no response, and now u delete the bug report for no response? Could u tell me if u fixed it or just gave up? What am i supposed to do get back all the traits on my artifact to be removed again by your bugs?
  8. I donot play shaman but youre very amazing to create a topic just to apologize and let everyone know about the hard work u do. Keep at it my friend
  9. As far as ive heard, the plan on fixing first blood and fel blade by 15th when next update arrives, but it might just be a rumor too
  10. Id like to know 2 things about Paladin (Prot and ret) 1) Does Divine tempest golden trait for ret paladin work? i havent checked the 20% damage increase form divine storm but ive tested multiple times and the 20 yard push from it doesnt seem to work for me. The last changelog said it was fixed but i relogged, changed spec, removed cache and everything but it still seems to be approximately 8 yards to the maximum alone which is the usual divine storm range 2) How does Last defender for Protection paladin work? i mean i know its buggy right now with bigger pulls, but is it like say, when we pull more mobs the stacks increase by 3%, and during a single target boss fight it diminishes back to 3% damage+damage reduction?
  11. Jade, actually the world quest for world boss appears once a week now i guess, and world quest reward and world boss reward are different. so actually ull get world quest reward 100% if u kill the world boss, but the world boss itself has a reward which gives lvl 860 gear, but that gear only has a 35% chance of dropping on the first kill of the week. But as much as ive figured so far, the quest and the loot for world boss is weekly, so after first kill, u have 0 chance for loot
  12. Its buggy yes, sometimes Tyr's damage while fighting trash mobs adds up and deals the same damage to every monster. Ive seen it do 240k damage to every monster by a paladin on a big pull before boss fight, where it should be only doing say 10k-13k damage to each monster.
  13. You can have your opinion, i just dont want people entering themselves or adding others coz theyre very close friends. Other than those if you dont wanna add anything, no one's compelling u its just for players to be recognized with same or opposite factions thats all
  14. Its just a fun post my friend, dont have to act serious on this just post whoever youve met so far who showed good talents
  15. Oh i forgot to mention few players on my list Mage : Meediv(frost), Dzukela(Arcane), Nova(Fire) Rogue : Nightblizz(Outlaw) Warrior : Variag (Arms) Priest : Lynkie(Disc)