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  1. if ppl buy itmes 395 ilvl they get free update this items or what you do with that ?
  2. @dean me too
  3. Why Greyman is still offline ?
  4. first ski-fire you can get from killing gul'dan on mythic mode raid (Nighold) second skin - blue you can get from achivment (Unleashed Monstrosities) third skin-the green you get for do mythic +15 last color idk
  5. If i transfer only one character how i can transfer my second character becasuse i not see any option for it :c pls help me guys :C
  6. dear gm, you said that the only transfer will be possible with sylvanas and what with the people who have been playing since the beginning of the Greyman's uprising and spent all of their time there and money for a better armor
  7. hello, I have a question for men dealing with the store and I would like to suggest and suggest the idea of buying any item, more or less about the store is missing many sets, etc. So it will not be better to add a search engine by which someone will be able to enter the item id and then for a given price to buy it I think that it would develop the store to a large extent, the next thing is whether or not you can share items for everyone because playing feral druid I can not buy thunderfury in the store or lipgar of azzinoth: p I am asking you to consider this idea
  8. Hello Gays, i have a question. I playing on Greyman's realm so i have ask for you can i unlock hidden artifact skin for feral or i have only one way and i must buy it?
  9. When Boris has been add again ? anyone know ?
  10. You add the same time new pvp set?
  11. add you too new pvp gear ?
  12. when you open migration i waiting for que my characters 3th day
  13. @Inveric when migration was enable ?
  14. when i can migration again becasue now its still off
  15. you say we havent mounts prestige and tittle but i have question if i migration my death knight with him migration all apeerance set and weapons ?