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  1. Solved, i deleted the from the WOW folder! - I was deleting the one in the WTF folder. But still the resolution isn't fixed, but i think that's ok.. Thank you.
  2. I did everything you told me, but it doesn't work..when i quit the game and launch it back, the system settings are the same, and the loggin info it' gone. Plus, i didn't have my addons settings with the new WTF folder,so....
  3. Hello, i have a problem with loggin info who isn't saving... every time i launch the laucher i have to put my loggin info and not just that but the system settings as well, like resolution, graphics etc.. Why is that? i unchecked the read-only button from WTF folder, but nothing.. What can i do?
  4. Thank you, it worked for me
  5. I understood with the launcher. But the addons - i put them into Interface/AddOns and it just doesn't work...
  6. Character : Nazarin Expansion : Legion Hello, i wanted to ask if i can use the Blizzard launcher for the Firestorm server? In the first place, i can't use addons...the button doesn't show to me, neather at the start page or the menu...
  7. Name : Matias Character : Nazarin ( Enhancement Shaman) Lvl : 27 Hello, I wanted to ask if i can use the items from the site shop(weapons and armor - purple/green) that doesn't have the requirement level on them? Like "Duskfall Daggers" or "Runeaxe of the Breaker" ?