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  1. Talking shit ? Im not talking shit. Just saying what the community mentality is. 'If that bug benefits me, I wont report it'' And just because currently Im not playing it doesn't mean I shouldn't visit the forums. lmao. What kind of logic is that ?
  2. dude, are you a moron ? Im not playing anymore. I don't know what works and whats bugged right now. Everything I mentioned was bugged when I switched holy spec and none of these bugs were even on the bug tracker. It doesn't require an expert to notice doesn't work correctly. Although my priest gameplay time is more than your entire WoW gameplay time.
  3. Blessing of T'uure can proc from every healing spell not just heal,FL crits. +20% healing is up on you almost all the time. Especially on raids. Ray of Hope doesn't cause damage once the duration is over. So you are immune to damage every 45s. POM could be casted on many targets. Cast POM on one guy then cast in on yourself. You end up with 10 POM stacks. Now stay close to each other and it will jump nonstop. enlightenment is active without having to put points into it. NEVER OOM. Not only it was active without having to put talents in it but you get it's effect TWICE if you put point into it. Invoke the Naaru was somehow bugged too. Think its same case as blessing of t'uure. Went up to 1.2+mil healing per second on my first EN run due to 3 procs at the same time. WTF? woah, are you somehow surprised ?
  4. im pretty sure that every healing class have plenty of bugs. just like any other spec. thing is people don't report most of the bugs which benefits them I used to play shadow priest. after going holy for like an hour I discovered like 5 game breaking bugs that weren't reported.
  5. whats the whole point of doing these missions ? whats the benefit if my followers are leveld up and such.. ?
  6. its same for me All other clients seem to be working.
  7. made you stop playing your alts ? It made me stop playing at all.. Spending all that time and not getting a single item upgade is not for me. Not talking about legendaries only but also mythic+ weekly chests not giving you rewards and such. Hope that the new pvp templates make it better for everybody.
  8. It says that I've already looted.. tho I did not. On thursday Mythic+5 was shown as completed and 1 more lower dungeon. On wednesday it disappeared and I thought that I gonna loot soon. Today still can't loot.
  9. this week I can't even open the chest. Normally It's on wednesday. Have you changed the day or something ?
  10. lol okay so speaking bullshit is considered sarcasm nowadays
  11. Did you send AK compendium notes on your alts or you went for 1-25 with 5 days waiting for each ? Im guessing you waited for each note else your fun would have been ruined..
  12. I don't understand some people... how can you be against this suggestion? Attract new players and motivate them to stay on the server.. AK compendium notes are cool but they don't provide any help for the new players..
  13. Why staff members doesn't give us the exact numbers ? Default drop chance, drop chance increased per activities and etc.. ? What harm It can do ? Pretty sure BG activity adds either none or very little contribution to your drop chance.. why is that ?
  14. yup same shit here I did EOA 10+ and HOV10 or 11(not sure)+ and I got mythic7+(870) neck from chest box Last week I lost my loot due to crash this week im getting this SHIT either ''MYTHIC+ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS'' topic have MISLEADING information or something is fuckijng bugged WTF is this crap ? I want my 880 item. Deliver the things you said you would. Topic clearly states 10+ mythic rewards you 880item once a week. I've done my part now you do yours. I wouldn't be mad If I had fun doing these mythics but DIDN'T HAD ANY FUN. THIS IS THE MOST FUCKING ANNOYING THING ONE CAN DO WHILE ONLINE AND APPARENTLY ITS THE BEST WAY TO GEAR UP ! AND EVEN IF YOU DO EVERYTHING RIGHT YOU DOESN'T RECEIVE THE REWARD YOU WORKED FOR!
  15. according to this: order class box should reward 880 for 10+ difficulty and not 875 like OP mention