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  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it, cheers mate!
  2. Can I get it for free, or..? Please help me with this issue
  3. How do I get the Blizzard wow 7.3.5 client?
  4. It now says that the realm is "Incompatible" wtf?
  5. Do I have to remind you that this is just PTR...?
  6. This is why I'm saying it. I don't know..
  7. Boris is not at the orc starting zone
  8. It is only a waste of time.. It's 19:00 already (so not even afternoon anymore). Instead of confirming something prematurely (PTR will be playable on 13.4. during the afternoon), try to keep it for you until you're certainly SURE it'll be exactly as promised. Right now you're not creating Hype, but play with people's nerves... just saying.
  9. "This afternoon" and it's 18:20 already..k
  10. Dude it's...2018 and you're still using Windows XP?
  11. You only need to copy and paste the files from the patch. A copy of your original WoW folder is ,however, recommended!