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  1. I mean two realms is horible idea. Yes kill pve and PVP because when you have 3000 people on one realm creting group for PVE and PVP is so much easier as you have realm with 800 and 2200 people. For low population servers (under 10 000 permanently online players) is only one realm best way. Better way is progresive expirinece rate: 1- 40 lvl - 40x, 40 - 80lvl - 30 x, 80 - 100lvl - 15x, 100 - 110 lvl - 10x, 110 - 120 lvl 3x (its only idea) Many players set PVP realm because is instant. When you have progresiv exp. you can exp your character per 2 days and dont need create char on instant realm. Broke full population realm for two separate PVE and PVP realms kill world PVP becasue on PVE relams play more people and more people put war mode off. My question is why is better have two realms? What benefits brings separate PVP realm and PVE realm?
  2. Title: Cooldown reset in duel Type: In-game Description:  Hi, can you add cooldown reset for duels?
  3. Because BFA data disc is more focused on pvp content. World PVP and more. When you create second realm you kill pvp all of them. PVP realm is horrible idea... will kill pvp on every server whio have 2 realms (PVE nad PVP) I dont know what benefit is in second PVP realm? Players both relms join same arenas and same BGs. One of diference is low population for world pvp... 2 realms for BFA = kill this datadisk
  4. When you create second realm (pvp) what we change? Players is logged to same arenas and same BGs... Second realm is negative for pve and pvp too... Now more players play PVP and PVE when you have 2 realms players focus on one of them... ( I see it on my guild many people on legion dont play pvp but now 90% this people play pvp too) 2 relams on low populations servers is totaly wrong idea. (Yes low population on retail you have 1000 times more players. Second realm killed PVP on Legion and will killed it on BFA too!
  5. Title: Bugtracker suggestion Type: Website Description:  Hi, my suggestion is when Developer tag any report on Bugtracker as invalid he will must write where is problem or why is invalid. Its iportant for reporter who is wrong. Players who create report need feedback for his reports. Thanks
  6. You try kill PVP and PVE on BFA? 2 realms is horrible idea....
  7. Great idea. But monay is money. You can buy this sets for €.on Shop.
  8. Yes Alliance and Horde population is extremely unbalanced. Horde players must wait in BG queue 5-9 min. Now is enabled crossfraction on Sylvanas. This way need on Sethraliss (only for BG and Skirmish, Random dungeons normal and HC and LFR).
  9. Its perfect! But can you add quests, NPCs, Instances, etc...?
  10. Title: Honor rate UP Type: In-game Description:  Hi, please give honor rate up on Legion realms becouse honor leveling is very slow. On retail have PVP world and daily Quests. (2 lvls up per day only for WQ on retail ) Here is only BG and Arena.... and 2 working pvp wq....
  11. Title: 1v1 on Sylvanas Type: In-game Description:  Hi, please enable NPC for 1v1 skirm and rated for Sylanas. Thanks
  12. Hi, please enable NPC for 1v1 skirm and rated for Sylanas. Thanks
  13. Title: Balance of power in PVP Type: In-game Description:  Hi my suggestion is for balancing power in BGs. I play Ali but i must join on average 7 BGs for Win. My suggestion is Cross fraction BGs ( Horde + Ali vs Hode + Ali ) = more balanced PVP becouse Horde players wins more BG at Ali = Horde players have batter gear, have more prestige, more pvp talents unlocked, etc... ( this situation is bad for Ali becouse more wins Horde = Strnoger Horde and weaker Ali ) = PVP in BGs is totaly unbalanced. I need fun with playing game but this is bad for Aliance players becouse need 3+ hours per day for win one daily BG....
  14. Hi i have problem after server crash i cant log back. i use my login name and password and select realm Sylavans with realm list and game not log me but kick me back to login screen... Can you help me?
  15. Hi, Pls when is start of new PVP season ? (WOD season 3) Thanks for answer.