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  1. Hi, I have to open this discussion because I mean something is wrong here. The ranking for arena victory is totally different in retail. Now the new season is starting and I'm watching some arena streams. Or when I open the retail line, I see these differences. I mean win / loss ratio. As you can see, Firestorm and retail are totally different (I chose a few players to compare) Firestorm: https://imgur.com/a/7UwvTJY Player 1: 53 win - 51 lose - 1439 rating Player 2: 61 win - 34 lose - 1666 rating Player 3: 87 win - 33 lose - 1783 rating Retail: https://imgur.com/a/UKWH031 Player 1: 36 win - 34 lose - 1806 rating Player 2: 54 win - 53 lose - 1755 rating Player 3: 58 win - 50 lose - 1814 rating Player 4: 59 win - 40 lose - 2107 rating Player 5: 62 win - 60 lose - 1896 rating (best compare is player 1 - Firestorm vs player 2 Retail same arena played but huge differences) + Bonus (https://imgur.com/a/NXWBgwR) The problem is that there are fewer PVP players and much fewer players are focused on PVP than retail. Therefore, it is much more difficult to play on free PVP servers than at retail. You have fewer teams and many times you get the same team 5 times in a row that almost never happens in retail (unless you have a rank of 1-50). Therefore, I want to find out what you think about this system. In my opinion, if the PVP arena system were modified to make it more similar to retail, many more players would play PVP and the game would be more fun. The fact is that it is much harder to achieve a certain rating at Firestoem than to achieve the same rating at retail. Any ideas on how to make it more Blizzlike? (Sorry for my english)
  2. Yes this is reason why is PVP on FS joke....
  3. Ye PVP experience here is bad. Normal players must play vs €€ (pay2win) players. Absolutely unbalanced when you start play and you have 390 ilvl vs 425 and soket geared players youu have 0% chance to win. I know, we need money but this is /facepalm. Best for pvp is stop selling max ilvl items on shop. (Why dont sell Mounts, tranmosgs, enchant illusions,pets,toys,etc) Or sell items but not 425 ilvl, maybe 410 or lootboxes as in legion.
  4. Best for PVP is fix all buggs for all classes.
  5. Title: Crosfaction BGs on Sethraliss Type: In-game Description:  Hi BGs on realm Sethraliss is absolutly unbalanced my suggestion is enable Crossfaction BG system. Why: On Alliance play (maybe 5 or 6x less people) so if you join BG on Alliance your queue time is under one minute. But if you join BG on Horde side you must wait on BG 20 - 35 minutes... next one problem is with double premade groups (this is absoutly unblizzlike) you can create double premade group and join same BG .... (Horde plays only with premades becouse his queue time is longer and this way is easy to win...Ali do not need premade because is queue time is short and this is reason why lose lot of BGs....random players cant win vs double premade) Now we have two ways hot to fix this problem: Balancing fration populations (ith is maybe imposible) or enable crosfaction random BGs for balancing PVP in BGs... I am play today 18 BGs on Ali side (single join) and i lose 17x .... 5,5 hours playing BGs and one win is not funny. Maybe is better switch to Horde side but more player switch to Horde this game will be smore unbalanced. (Yes Ali can create premade group too but is much more easyer create group if your fraction have 6 time more players) Enabling Cross BGs - what will be changed: - eliminate diferent queue time for BG Ali / Horde - balancing PVP in BGs
  6. Guys chill, its only title on free server. So if you have title on FS = title on random XY other free server = 0 (zero) Why?: Because: P2 win players + Bugs + low population (4000 ppls is low vs retail) = absolutly unbalanced pvp in game. (What is diferent on retail you play everytime vs other combo.. here you can play 7x vs the same team... only on top rating on retail you play vs the same team 3K+- rating. Here you play on 2K rating for win is +5 on retail is +20... and FS super system: automaticaly drop rating this is /fcepalm because you play 40 games for +1=+40 rating one week do not play and your rating is -40 .... super motivation for playning pvp) Someone is happy for title and reward on FS (or other free server) but respect is only for title on retail. this is why is pvp title on free server is trash
  7. I mean two realms is horible idea. Yes kill pve and PVP because when you have 3000 people on one realm creting group for PVE and PVP is so much easier as you have realm with 800 and 2200 people. For low population servers (under 10 000 permanently online players) is only one realm best way. Better way is progresive expirinece rate: 1- 40 lvl - 40x, 40 - 80lvl - 30 x, 80 - 100lvl - 15x, 100 - 110 lvl - 10x, 110 - 120 lvl 3x (its only idea) Many players set PVP realm because is instant. When you have progresiv exp. you can exp your character per 2 days and dont need create char on instant realm. Broke full population realm for two separate PVE and PVP realms kill world PVP becasue on PVE relams play more people and more people put war mode off. My question is why is better have two realms? What benefits brings separate PVP realm and PVE realm?
  8. Title: Cooldown reset in duel Type: In-game Description:  Hi, can you add cooldown reset for duels?
  9. Because BFA data disc is more focused on pvp content. World PVP and more. When you create second realm you kill pvp all of them. PVP realm is horrible idea... will kill pvp on every server whio have 2 realms (PVE nad PVP) I dont know what benefit is in second PVP realm? Players both relms join same arenas and same BGs. One of diference is low population for world pvp... 2 realms for BFA = kill this datadisk
  10. When you create second realm (pvp) what we change? Players is logged to same arenas and same BGs... Second realm is negative for pve and pvp too... Now more players play PVP and PVE when you have 2 realms players focus on one of them... ( I see it on my guild many people on legion dont play pvp but now 90% this people play pvp too) 2 relams on low populations servers is totaly wrong idea. (Yes low population on retail you have 1000 times more players. Second realm killed PVP on Legion and will killed it on BFA too!
  11. Title: Bugtracker suggestion Type: Website Description:  Hi, my suggestion is when Developer tag any report on Bugtracker as invalid he will must write where is problem or why is invalid. Its iportant for reporter who is wrong. Players who create report need feedback for his reports. Thanks
  12. You try kill PVP and PVE on BFA? 2 realms is horrible idea....
  13. Great idea. But monay is money. You can buy this sets for €.on Shop.
  14. Yes Alliance and Horde population is extremely unbalanced. Horde players must wait in BG queue 5-9 min. Now is enabled crossfraction on Sylvanas. This way need on Sethraliss (only for BG and Skirmish, Random dungeons normal and HC and LFR).
  15. Its perfect! But can you add quests, NPCs, Instances, etc...?