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  1. But why you get 875 gear con a +15 key when people con global chat asks for 880 to do +10, mythic keys +2 and above should give better rewards. That just makes low ilvl players to ask high ilvl players to get carried, since they don't get anything good out of them.
  2. I opened the file and added the line just like you wrote it, but the problem still persists the same 114 error. I'm gonna keep trying to log in. i'll edit this if nothing changes.
  3. I get this error on the Warlords of draenor realm, any idea on how to fix it?
  4. Realm: Sylvanas When i try to open the "Wow-64.exe" instead of the game openning like normal i get this:
  5. In the Legion changelog #24 a bunch of legendaries are reported as fixed for the Warlock, Death Knight, Hunter and Shaman classes, does that mean only those classes can get legendaires? or the devs are just reporting that those items are just working but not yet added into the game.
  6. Are you guys gonna release links to download patch 7.1.5? Will we get the links after merge or before the merge? Thanks and keep up the good work.
  7. world quest

    That is actually a very good idea.
  8. nighthold emerald

    Funny, they telling us that because of the development so far we are not prepared to do Legion Raids.
  9. According to the last update, you can, in retail it's unlocked after you achieve artifact knowledge level 5, so i guess it's gong to be the same here.
  10. Oh ok, thank you, it was very helpfull.
  11. Hello. I'm new to this server and i would to know the difference betwen the pvp realms and the fun realm in WoD, and what content (dungeons, instances) are avaliable. Thanks in advance.