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  1. Dear Community Me and 2 other friends have decided to setup a project for both our guild and the rest of the community who is interested in this idea. We want to give both old and new players the opportunity to experience PvE as its supposed to be experienced. and that's by making it harder. the way we want to achieve this is by instead of looking forward. we look back. at things ppl concider "easy" nowadays because they're super outgeared. Ever wondered how an instance looked on HC on a lower ilv? well you can get that experience We're looking for both new, and old players who want to PvE. It's like twinking but on max level! In this link there is all the information you need and how to apply for it if you're interested in joining our team!
  2. i still remember the moment you invited me to your RC back on pandashan and begged me to stop telling that you guys hacked when i had enough proof of the fact you damage hacked, you kept telling me: "i not know how happens it just did" "i riely do not know man" was one of my funniest moments on pandashan/FS seeing you guys struggle with someone finding out about the truth (for the "newer" people, check out their "realm first sha of fear 10hc" kill and the "25hc spirit kings" tell me if you find something odd in the damage the boss is getting (or screentears on a hard phase?))
  3. i've 1 little question and 1 request: Question: are you only able to receive points after doing your ingame stuff? or can you also talk to her, and then do stuff later on (lets for example think some ppl might do a daily "farm" routine and then talk to the npc, but what if that player later on randomly completes 3 achievements, he basically missed out on points if it counted on "talk only") Request: Myself as a end-game player am i mostlikely using my shrine (as MoP expansion) as "chill" place or most common place, the last time i used to be in orgrimmar was like a few months ago (i dont have a reason myself to go there) - is it maybe possible to add the npc to all "bigger" capital cities (shrines, dalaran, shattrat etc...) so ppl are not forced to go to a place they would normally do.
  4. Tried upgrading an item? the quest is completed upon completing the achievement, but that was already done on my char because i have a older account, i found out that upgrading/spending valor randomly completed the task and it was fixed for me (several other ppl did comfirm this from my guild later on), no clue if it has changed or not. Besides that, keep bugs on the bugtracker for next time and not on the forums where bug reports/requests to fix something is not rly a welcomed thing afaik since we have a BT for it and yes some bugs are left behind on the tracker because the importance of some bugs are not as high as others. (just have patience)
  5. the thing is, i heard that nvidea or something doesn't support SLI anymore (not sure if that counted for the 1070, but did for the 1060) while the RX 480 i am gonna get does still support a dual setup and thus is a easy cheap upgrade for me later on
  6. well newer games are graphically just becoming better and better and thus requests more power from a graphic card, also (fi im correct) do you also pay for the technology and the research to make new chips etc for the cards and ofc the components/material used but that's also the reason why AMD and NVIDEA released their "cheap" cards for high-end gaming, to give ppl with a lower budget a higher/better experience a normal pre-builded shop ("gaming") pc costs here around 1000-1500 ish, and if you buy all components from that PC yourself, the costs would be around 700-900 ish, so buildign pc's yourself is gonna be cheaper mostlikely anw. the current PCi builded did cost me around 500 euro's but i made it so i can upgrade whenever i want/need instead of buying a whole new pc., but i checked how much a "custom builded gaming pc version" from the store would cost me that had close, if not exactly the same compenents as my pc, but that PC did cost you around 800 euro's
  7. i myself as i said will go for the 480, purely cuz its so easy to upgrade and scales alot better with next-gen games using directx12 (their performance boost is higher then any other new released card), + whenever i feel a single RX 480 aint enough i can always upgrade to a crossfire setup of the RX480 which is on price tag close to (maybe even abit lower) then the new released top-tier card the nvidea's 1080 + is equivelant/better in a crossfire setup then the single 1080: (you can skip through the pages to see diffirent games (below is a selection box) to see how the crossfire performs compared to the 1080) the current single RX 480 is around 280 euro's (multiplied by 2 for crossfire is thus 560 but with stock cooling) and the 1080 is 800+, so price/quality scaling/range its just the best for a cheap card i think (not trying to convince you to upgrade o the rx 480, but when you do it might be a good pick :P) (btw, the single 1060 (cheap version/competitor of amd's 480 ) cannot be used in a SLI so in that case (if you look to upgrade to very-heigh end RX 480 seems better )
  8. updated the spoilers that bugged out from the copy-paste i did from pandashan's forum awhile ago. might clean up the affliction and demonology guide aswell at some point or maybe even rework them + add video's if requested for all specs. the guide should look cleaner now
  9. any proof/reason for that? never been aware of this, and going hit > int > mastery > crit=haste has worked for me since ilv 489 in msv (always pushed hard on the dps with this) i've never heard haste being usefull as destru before besides on very high value's when you have meta gems etc to place a rain of fire. since then your tickspeed is so high that its becoming beneficial
  10. not sure if you where aware of it, or just didnt care: why did you choose a GTX 970 when (according to my knowledge) the 2 new released graphic cards (AMD's RX 480 and nvidea's GTX 1060) are better on performance (especially with aftermarket custom coolers) and in the same price range as the GTX 970. these 2 graphic cards are like top-tier for a low/mid-range budget the 2 graphic cards are only out on their stock model and don't have aftermarket coolers (currently myself waiting for a release of an RX 480 aftermarket piece, but that will happen between end of this month and mid-august) but the cards seem to perform better from what i can tell
  11. there is like a little unwritten rule on retail about this where (if you invite dumb ppl and you play smart) can "legit" ninja loot stuff how it works (can be used in your advantage preventing ninja lootings) a player can only be punished if he actually stated the loot rules (like highest roll wins, if he said this you have legit proof of him not following the "loot-rules"), if this player did never state this because either no one asked him the loot rules or he never stated it himself, he can legit ninja loot everything, since there is NO rules proving he was doing the wrong thing. on retail you also sometimes see "puggers" looking for more ppl but they state something like: "[XXX] weapon is reserved" (thus whenever it drops the ppl who join the group knw they wont have a chance to get the item) this is a choise for the joiner to agree with this rule or not.
  12. just a few last notes before it gets closed: 1: i did step down as class master/QA member since like 2 days ago, just hasn't been progressed yet. 2: i was more saying the "insult" about his UI in a troll kind of way, since thats how i saw this post to begin with (not like a serious thing, i mean. lets be honest. you're using elvui which is a good thing to begin with :P, it atleast doesnt look like this: ) 3. you could have seen the "big post" from me in 2 ways: either very hatefull (like he did) or as a advice/tip, since most of the stuff i said where informative things how he could have (better?) ways to upload higher quality images to this forum for the next reports or other stuff he wants to share in the near future
  13. you do know you can press the print screen button and manually upload the image (which is stored in [your wow folder]/screenshots to a site like imgur and thus completely making windowed mode useless (actually more ugly) or you can use third party applications (won't affect wow, possible cant be banable) like Gyazo or ShareX (currently using this) which automatically uploads the image to a website like imgur upon clicking the print-screen button. which make the images both cleaner and easier to store (since they mostly have a history tab available, with a thumbnail of the taken screenshot + a direct link to where it was uploaded to! another thing to this is that you can capture multiple windows at once or if you prefer only PARTS of your screen by using diffirent commands so no, don't cringe to me for having other solutions that work (probably better) then your way
  14. just makes me cringe to see how hard he managed to butcher his ElvUI setup in combination with playing in windowed mode , maybe we should ask cortana in the left buttom border how he can improve his UI since this is indeed just terrible D:
  15. the mount sharing between accounts/expansions has been abit buggy, (fix is on its way if it hasnt been fixed already) where if you obtain a mount (through whatever way) that is unavailable in another realm you would still have it. this was an issue with the 5.4.8 ptr we had on the mop realms aswell, but has been fixed since firestorms merge / combining the diffirent expansions with 1 account did it make mount sharing possible again, this could be the reason of the problem you described. (we currently also have ppl walking with the garrosh HC mount while garrosh aint even released)