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  1. +1 like it.
  2. Greetings, 1. Not sure 2. Some says bad, some are ok with it, I say it sucks 3. There is few healers n tanks sadly. 4. Good.
  3. I heard about it lmao if it was me I won't play draenor till they fix that shit jesus critical bug can even damage your WoW folder files.
  4. Hello @Ghia, Yeah I think when these raids who require higher gear ilvl are available lootbox will drop/loot equivalent gear I guess.
  5. Lmaoo karma and illuminati
  6. Greetings, Well, too much drama. Also, don't bother yourself about others everyone mind his business you don't like it ? ignore it/him whatever and this is it simple as that, there is no hole since staff are very strict now. 1 more point you taking this very serious, yoooooooooooo this is game have you realized that as well ? Have a nice day.
  7. Hello @GOLDEN, I think you should delete entire WoW folder and make you sure you don't have any additional folder somewhere. I faced same problem so I deleted everything in order to install new files and stuff. Try it out and when you done turn off your router for 5 mins minimum and then turn it on again and install your WoW files from the launcher properly and in one of your hard drive not on the desktop. Also, uninstall FirestormLauncher and reinstall a new one, hopefully it gonna work.
  8. Greetings, There is another way to farm gold if you want dm me I will help you out, won't say anything here because the thing is bugged atm (but legit) and you can benefit from that since it's so easy to farm and earn you a lot of gold.
  9. Change your guild permissions for members wtf fam
  10. If heal/damage compo are bothering why don't you Q with a healer, simple as that.
  11. Crying party ? Well, why the f*ck I am not invited ?
  12. Greetings, I suggest you to enter the channel " world_fr " and start looking for whatever you want there, it will be faster and easier. Have a nice day. Kind regards Hellthief
  13. How old are you? Sorry just wondering.
  14. Because he want to play as feral, why you just don't mind your business?