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  1. On 4/2/2018 at 4:02 PM, Relykia said:

    25 minutes to message someone on my friend list.

    Jeeez, 25mins to send another message is that even a thing ? Never played firestorm's wotlk , Did but not that much and I don't remember that I had to wait 25mins to send a message. thats just annoying as hell ..

  2. Actually since 2015's promo codes, christmas and firestorm creation promo codes, we didn't have any more promo codes, its sad  : ( At least for players that are loyal and still loyal to firestorm.

  3. Yo greetings dude, 

    Noone can ban your account because you didn't play for 1 year or two, Also of course you can log in forum and the website without being active in-game, noone can change anything in your account and you will be banned for breaking rules only, your suggestion is useless since you don't need to "FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT", just install the game put in your email and password and there you go mate, enjoy the game.


  4. On 1/10/2018 at 11:09 PM, Cigatronix said:

    I am sorry this seems to be a problem your experiencing, however this is not the Game Master's fault, and they don't have to admit to anything due to doing nothing except trying there hardest to allow you all to have fun. You play on other servers, I do as well so I know where you may be coming from however their are always going to be bugs in servers and it will not speed up the process if you rant about it over the forums. The best you can do to fix the bugs and help players experiencing your problem have a better experience here on Firestorm is to report the bug, and wait for our Developers to fix it. As goes for our connection issues they are being dealt with. We allow players to get instant level 110, with instant pvp stats so that everybody has a chance to enjoy pvp even if you are new. You can play any game in this world, there will always be bugs, and it's inevitable to find cheaters. Somebody will always find a way to cheat, and stopping this from happening is near impossible. I can assure you this, our developers work hard everyday to make it harder for cheaters to exploit our bugs and servers, and Game Master's work hard everyday to try to catch those who do. 

    Thank you for your time,

    Greetings sir,

     I told you about all that, now it's happening, it's sad but as I mentioned you guys did a mistake when you gave everyone unlimited boosted and geared characters, now you have to deal with that, good luck.

  5. On 05/11/2017 at 1:03 PM, Setfenv said:

    *cough* idk about you, but I've been hit by 3 consecutive 80k bites from a BM hunter, dunno where you're getting the whole "fixed bm" thing from...


    And when I'm queueing with a full mal holy priest, not exactly "healable"

    uglyboi is right tbh, hunters piss me off.

  6. 11 hours ago, Palaknight said:

    Okay I downloaded this game again and transfered  pala from WoD to Legion. What is the faster way to hit 100-110 ? Is there "boris" npc or sth to talk with that grant free 110 like it was on WoD server ? I dont want to spend future days on leveling especially on p.server. On WoD you could just talk with some Boris and get lvl 100 free, now what is on Legion ?


    Sorry but you gotta quest, there is no boris around he came twice so yeah too late for boris, I wish you a good luck.

  7. Greetings everyone,

    Did anyone noticed that "Content count" is bugged ? Last time I changed forum because there is different forum as you know (English forum, french forum etc..) so when I came back to the english forum my content count changed to 8 and 8 is the number of content I've posted in the french forum lmao how ?

  8. On 9/9/2017 at 3:10 PM, Kashona said:

    Title: Username Change

    Type: Website


    It would be nice if there is a button that allows us to change our username on the website. I mean the username required for logging on older expansions. Legacy username, I think.
    You can change the email, the password, but you can't change the username. I see no reason why there would be no option for that. :/


    +1 like it.

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  9. On 14/01/2018 at 11:09 AM, abattas said:

    Hello, whana start play on this server and ahve few questions :
    1. How good works m+ affex ?
    2. How good work legendary drop system ?
    3. How much groups in lfg m+ ?
    4. How good work warforge and titanforge system ? Rarely procs ?


    1. Not sure

    2. Some says bad, some are ok with it, I say it sucks

    3. There is few healers n tanks sadly.

    4. Good.

  10. On 11/01/2018 at 3:41 PM, Ghia said:

    With opening of new raids and ilvl increase, will we see the gear from Loot Boxes updated? As of right now it does not seem worth it to buy them anymore.

    Hello @Ghia,

    Yeah I think when these raids who require higher gear ilvl are available lootbox will drop/loot equivalent gear I guess.