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  1. Jeeez, 25mins to send another message is that even a thing ? Never played firestorm's wotlk , Did but not that much and I don't remember that I had to wait 25mins to send a message. thats just annoying as hell ..
  2. Actually since 2015's promo codes, christmas and firestorm creation promo codes, we didn't have any more promo codes, its sad : ( At least for players that are loyal and still loyal to firestorm.
  3. Yo greetings dude, Noone can ban your account because you didn't play for 1 year or two, Also of course you can log in forum and the website without being active in-game, noone can change anything in your account and you will be banned for breaking rules only, your suggestion is useless since you don't need to "FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT", just install the game put in your email and password and there you go mate, enjoy the game.
  4. Greetings, Reset is supposed to be today at 00:00 AM ?
  5. Hang on, you are not level 100 yet lol?
  6. Greetings, Sometimes ilvl doesn't matter well to be honest I don't know what's exactly going on legion but maybe you've got a higher crit perhaps its just a bug like the ''ilvl bug'' (It has been fixed).
  7. And it still not fixed yet ! fuck me too..
  8. This shit is long, but it's great well done.
  9. I think you need an addon or there is a channel for rpers.
  10. Greetings, Tell me more about that glitch lmao, Oh gosh I missed a freaking epic glitch tho
  11. I love it, an app on your phone ? That would be great tbh
  12. uglyboi is right tbh, hunters piss me off.
  13. Greetings, Sorry but you gotta quest, there is no boris around he came twice so yeah too late for boris, I wish you a good luck.
  14. /cast Recklessness /cast colossus smash Rekt I killed everyone I win. Bye.
  15. game

    I win after 2 years, everybody applause.