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  1. OOOiii I wish my Warr would sell so I could get a healer for Arcway. It was a favorite of mine. Will the WQ be available as well or just the dungeon with this update?
  2. BUMP. This error is keeping me from saving my Bartender settings
  3. Edit: I am unable to submit a Tech Support thread which is why it is here.
  4. First Error Second error Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Does it still work?
  6. I am having this issue now as well
  7. Is the RP active on the legion realm? If so, pm me in game for sure, Gorraam.
  8. Some people have told me that they were able to complete some for 845 gear, were they trolling? Thanks in advance
  9. I am also having this issue tried everything