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  1. too bad so sad i had the problem as well as the above icon no avatars or favicon. just seeing this error 404.
  2. so i was talking with a GM name foxtrot and i'm in GM isle to response but i can't see him i need to talk about the report i made and i need to talk to that GM. i'm sorry i got disconnected in that time while talking. and i'm waiting for the GM to come and i tell whats was wrong with the bug abusing report.
  3. character name :tearnida date of incident: 6.9.2016 description of incident: this player dominated in 1v1. went mad start using insulting coments and abusing saying that your nab and disgusting coments which counts as erotic content. Erotic and Pornographic material: Any kind of erotic or pornographic material, such pornographic comments, links to pornographic websites and images and such should also be avoided whether you're joking or not. Punishment: Mute to 15 days account suspension. (In really severe cases, ban can reach permanent account suspension).