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  1. did all your steps deleted wow 64, made shortcut to desktop added -noautolaunch64bit after clicking it to open it does nothing i go to windows task manager it shows 32bit is running but there is no window for me to log in and play its just running and invisible.
  2. apparently even items looted from the dungeon and bags bought from the cash shop qualify to be deleted as if it were world boss loot
  3. MAybe we could have a gm hosted event where they go into the gurubashi arena with the priests having to levitate people and the judges (gm's) would tally up the deaths /kills and the top 2 person with the most deaths and most kills each get a prize lol
  4. shadow priest doesn't even use mana anymore i main as shadow and i never have any problem with that
  5. still waiting for priest spell levitate. must not be any class master since they pick 10 spells and priest hasnt had this spell since beginning
  6. still not fixed
  7. still waiting in legion for the new content
  8. It means you have already made a level 100 from Boris on your ip
  9. in Legion there are 3 systems that make your character stronger in PvP:1. PvP Talents - PvP talents (also called Honor Talents) are an addition to your normal talents- PvP talents are only active in PvP combat - engaging in any kind of PvP activity (Skirmish, Battleground, Arena, Rated Battleground) will award you honor- in Legion honor is no longer a currency but works just like XP - the more honor you earn the more PvP talents you will unlock- honor gain is not gated => you can farm all of your PvP talents within a few days if you play and win a lot 2. Artifact Weapon - in Legion you will always be wearing the same exact weapon: your Artifact Weapon - shift + right-clicking on your Artifact Weapon will open a new "talent tree" (in Legion you have normal talents, PvP talents and Artifact talents/traits)- your Artifact talents/traits are passive talents (+ one new active ability) that make your character considerably stronger - Artifact Power unlocks 34 points that you can spend on your Artifact talents/traits (just like honor unlocks your PvP talents) - at the beginning you have 1 point to spend on your Artifact talents/traits (the more Artifact Power you farm, the more points you will unlock to spend on your Artifact talents/traits)- Artifact Power is earned through every single activity in Legion (Quests, Dungeons, Rares, Skirmishes, Arenas, Battlegrounds etc.)- in Legion you have a new garrison called Order Hall (or Class Hall) - completing Work Orders in your Order Hall will award you with Artifact Research Notes (to unlock these specific Work Orders you need to hit level 110 and do some quests in your Order Hall)- using Artifact Research Notes will grant you Artifact Knowledge, increasing the rate at which you earn Artifact Power (Artifact Knowledge is a multiplier on the Artifact Power you earn)- this means that the more Work Orders you complete in your Order Hall, the more Artifact Power you get from winning a Battleground (as an example)- and here is how the soft-gating works for Artifact Power (this is important): • you start with 1 point to spend on your Artifact talents/traits and an Artifact Knowledge of 1.0 • to get the 2nd point you need to earn 300 Artifact Power • let's say that winning one Battleground awards 100 Artifact Power • at this point your Artifact Knowledge is 1.0, hence the 100 Artifact Power you earn through winning a Battleground are multiplied by 1.0 => 100*1.0 = 100 (nothing changes) • you keep winning Battlegrounds and you earn more and more Artifact Power until you have unlocked 13 points • now you realize that to unlock the 14th point you need a total of 6840 Artifact Power (which is like 7 times more than what you needed for the 13th point) • you would have to win 69 battlegrounds with your current Artifact Knowledge of 1.0 to unlock the 14th point • that's why you go to your Order Hall and start a Work Order that will reward you with Artifact Knowledge • this Work Order takes up to a week to complete so you should start this Work Order asap (before you start farming Artifact Power) • once the Work Order is completed your Artifact Knowledge increases to let's say 1.5 • so now winning a Battleground awards you 150 Artifact Power because the base 100 Artifact Power are multiplied by 1.5 => 100*1.5 = 150 • as a result we learn that the duration of the Work Order is the soft-gating mechanism • you won’t be able to complete your Artifact Weapon as fast as you’d like because at a certain point your Artifact Knowledge will simply not allow for farming Artifact Power effectively • only farm Artifact Power (AP) if your Artifact Knowledge is 'in balance' with the AP cost of the next point you want to unlock • catch-up mechanic for your Artifact Weapon: to help alts earn Artifact Power faster later in Legion, the Work Order duration is reduced over the course of the expansion • six months from now your fresh level 110 character will be able to complete A LOT of Work Orders within a few minutes so that he/she can start farming Artifact Power effectively immediately, because of a significant amount of Artifact Knowledge. (winning a Battleground six months from now will award you with let's say 3500 Artifact Power (instead of the current 100) so that you will unlock your first 9 points instantly) - on top of the 34 points (the passive dmg/heal bonus u get from spending >34 points is inactive in instanced PvP) to spend on your Artifact talents/traits, you can enhance your Artifact Weapon with 3 Artifact Relics - these Artifact Relics work like gems that can be socketed into your Artifact Weapon- each Artifact Relic increases the ilvl of your Artifact Weapon (hence increasing your overall ilvl) and adds another rank to one of your Artifact talents/traits (the added rank is not active in instanced PvP)- any kind of instanced PvP has a chance to award you with an Artifact Relic (ilvl 805-880) (you also get them from PvE activities) 3. Gear - in Legion PvP gear can no longer be purchased - winning a Skirmish or a Battleground has a chance to award you with a blue 805-825 ilvl piece of PvP gear - winning a rated Arena match or rated Battleground has a chance to award you with an epic 840-880 ilvl piece of PvP gear- PvP World Quests reward you with 805-840 ilvl PvP gear. the chance of getting an 840 ilvl piece of PvP gear from World Quests increases with your honor level! - PvE World Quests that reward you with gear are technically the same as PvP World Quests! so do all World Quests that award you with an upgrade.- in addition, your first victory in all rated brackets each week awards you with a guaranteed epic 840-880 ilvl piece of PvP gear- each bracket rewards gear (840-880 ilvl) based on the highest rating you earned in the previous week. • you get 1 piece of PvP gear (840-880 ilvl) from 2v2 each week • you get 1 piece of PvP gear (840-880 ilvl) from 3v3 each week • you get 1 piece of PvP gear (840-880 ilvl) from RBG each week - so be sure to push your rating in all 3 brackets - on top of the guaranteed 3 pieces of PvP gear (840-880 ilvl) you can keep playing Arenas/RBGs with a chance to get more gear (840-880 ilvl) from winning. this will make Arenas/RBGs more exciting. - here you can see what rating you need to get better gear: • 0000-1600 rating => 840 ilvl • 1600-1900 rating => 850 ilvl • 1900-2200 rating => 860 ilvl • 2200-2400 rating => 870 ilvl (Elite Gear) • 2400-3xxx rating => 880 ilvl (Elite Gear) - ALL PvP gear also has a chance to be warforged/titanforged, increasing its ilvl by 5 or 10 or 15 or more if you are extremely lucky. the maximum titanforged ilvl in Legion Season 1 is 895. example: if you have 3000 rating in 3s, then winning might reward you with a titanforged 895 ilvl piece of PvP gear ( 880 (base ilvl) +5 (first warforged-roll) +5 (second warforged-roll) +5 (first titanforged-roll) = 895 )- PvE set bonuses, enchants, legendary bonuses, or trinkets will be deactivated in instanced PvPDiscussion A: "r1 Gladiator 880 ilvl" vs. "fresh level 110 in greens" - everyone who joins Skirmishes, Battlegrounds, Arenas or RBGs at level 110 will have a base ilvl of 850 even when your actual ilvl is still 780 from questing etc.- this base ilvl will increase each season - so in Legion Season 2 your fresh level 110 character with an ilvl of 780 will have an ilvl of let's say 900 in instanced PvP- any stats you have on the gear you are wearing are nullified in instanced PvP - every spec has a preset of stats that is active in instanced PvP- in instanced PvP only the ilvl of the gear you are wearing matters - the stats of the preset are increased by 0.1% for every point your ilvl goes above ilvl 800- as soon your ilvl is higher than 800, you will get a tiny bit stronger in PvP (e.g. if your ilvl is 810 the stats on your PvP preset increase by 1%)- conclusion: the r1 Gladiator with 880 ilvl has only 8% more stats in instanced PvP than the fresh level 110 in greens. that’s roughly the same increase that a mere 8 ilvl increase gives in Warlords of Draenor.Discussion B: will my opponents ever have better gear than me in rated PvP? - as long as you climb the ladder gradually, you will always fight players with a similar ilvl - players with 2200 rating, for example, will have an average ilvl of 870 after a few weeks on that rating. these players will only be fighting other players who also have an ilvl of 870- exception: let's say a player has 2500 rating in 2s but only 1900 rating in 3s. this player will have an average ilvl of 875 because of his 2s rating, which means he will fight players with a slightly lower ilvl of 860 in 3s. • 15 more ilvls equals 1.5% more stats, which is really not that much • players with a rating of 2500 in 2s usually have a similar or even higher rating in 3s - there is no catch-up mechanic for alts that start pushing rating/farming gear mid-season - so the only players who will be at a 'disadvantage' gear-wise are r1 Gladiators who want to push rating on an alt mid-season - conclusion: while you might fight an 880 ilvl r1 Gladiator in a skirmish or Battleground, you will always be fighting PvP players with a similar ilvl to yours in rated PvPDiscussion C: PvE gear vs. PvP gear in instanced PvP- in Legion there won't be any PvP-specific stats (like PvP Power or Resilience etc.) - an 850 ilvl piece of gear you got from PvE will be just as powerful as an 850 ilvl piece of gear you got from PvP- having 850 ilvl in full PvE gear will increase the stats on your PvP preset by 5%, just like having 850 ilvl in full PvP gear would- a player in Heroic Dungeon gear (825 ilvl) will be just as strong as a player in full Battleground/Skirmish gear - a player in Heroic Raid gear (865 ilvl) will be just as strong as a PvP player on 2200+ rating (2v2, 3v3, RBG) - a player in Mythic Raid gear (880 ilvl) will be just as strong as a PvP player on 2400+ rating - this means that if you are a Mythic raider, you will always have a tiny bit more stats than your opponents in PvP until you fight 2400+ players - but it also means that 2400+ players will be able to join Mythic raids without setting foot in Mythic Dungeons/Heroic Raids etc - to me, this seems fair, because if you want to get to 2400 rating as a Mythic raider then you would have to get better at PvP first. and if a group full of 2400+ rated PvPers wanted to clear a raid on Mythic then they would have to get better at PvE first- disclaimer: there is still a possibility that Blizzard will nerf PvP gear hard in PvE (for example by removing 1 secondary stat from PvP items) - but seeing that only the best PvPers will have a chance to join Mythic raids and only the best PvErs will have have an advantage in rated PvP - a nerf to PvP gear shouldn't be necessary - conclusion: PvE gear won't be an issue in instanced PvP because Blizzard has limited the power gap gear can create in PvP (in instanced PvP: a player in full 880 Mythic Raid gear has only 8% more stats than a player in full quest greens)Discussion D: World PvP- World PvP in Legion won't have any rules - out in the world nothing will be nullified, nothing will be disabled, there won't be any stat presets, nor will your ilvl be magically increased- on top of your PvP talents: PvE set bonuses, enchants, legendary bonuses and trinkets will all be active - this will make World PvP wild and fun - a r1 Gladiator or Mythic raider will have 80% more stats than your fresh level 110 toon and he will one-shot you...and honestly? - this is how it should be in World PvP- slay Dragons or participate in balanced, instanced PvP and at the end of the day you will be able to hold your own in the open world- and don't be afraid: there won't be many r1 Gladiators/Mythic raiders with an ilvl of 880. the majority of players will have an ilvl of around 850 which can be obtained through a variety of activities that don't require you to be the best at the game.- something to note for PvP players: enchants and trinkets are disabled in instanced PvP, but they work in World PvP/Duells. so don't forget to enchant your gear and wear trinkets if you want to maximise your gear for World PvP.- conclusion: World PvP will be frustrating at times because the game isn't balanced around it (for obvious reasons), but the stronger your character gets the more fun it will be! Discussion E: the impact of Artifact Weapons on PvP - in Legion they have drastically reduced the power gap gear can create in rated PvP - the PvP talents seem to be well balanced and can be unlocked quickly - the preset of stats for every spec can be adjusted easily to make balance changes in PvP without affecting PvE - the Artifact Weapon, on the other hand, could potentially bring a bit of imbalance to rated PvP- read "2. Artifact Weapon" now, if you haven't already - completing Work Orders in your Order Hall will award you with Artifact Research Notes - using Artifact Research Notes will grant you Artifact Knowledge, increasing the rate at which you earn Artifact Power - a player who starts completing these Work Orders from the first week onwards will always have a stronger Artifact Weapon than someone who hits level 110 in the middle of the ongoing PvP season - missing even 2-3 weeks worth of Work Orders or not having the time to effectively farm Artifact Power will make you fall behind when it comes to Artifact Weapons - some Artifact talents/traits make your spec noticeably stronger => to stay competitive you will want to keep your Artifact Weapon up to date for the whole season - Artifact Weapons also make multiclassing more time-consuming, resulting in lesser player participation/longer queue times in rated PvP- my guess is that Blizzard will reduce the duration of the Work Orders at the end of every season, so that alts have a chance to catch up on Artifact Power for the new season- PvP seasons will be much shorter in Legion so not being able to fully catch up on an alt mid-season won't be that big of a deal - disclaimer: maybe I went a little overboard and the Artifact talents/traits that players will unlock during the first PvP season won't actually make a huge difference in power - we will know when the time comes - conclusion: you should probably level all your PvP characters to 110 and start the Work Order in your Order Hall immediately (if you want to play competitively in the first PvP season of Legion) --- update on ELITE gear: you need to to have a rating of 2200 or higher in order to have a chance to get a piece of Elite PvP gear from winning rated Arenas/Battlegrounds. The Elite PvP gear has an ilvl of 870 or higher ---
  10. how is it pay to win? when the only gear you can purchase on the shop are good only for transmog?
  11. you just have to do the quests in order
  12. Do you need Auctioneer addon for this to work? or just add the folder to the wow> interface>addons directory?
  13. You are going in the wrong questing direction, fastest way to level up on either faction is que the dungeon finder from 15-30 while heading south from the crossroads you want to eventually make it to gadgetzan by the time you reach 42 to pick quests there after you get to 46 do the arena quest then you should be 48 head to ungoro get to 58 then head to outlands only do a few quests to get to 64 in hellfire penninsula after this head to nagrand and only need to do the nesingway safari quest line after this you should be 66-67 take the nagrand arena quests to push you to 68-69 head to northrend make your way to borean tundra head towards dragonblight staying close to the water you should be 73 by the time you start in dragonblight after you get 74 head to stormpeaks north of dragonblight do some quests around there until 75-76 head to dalaran pick up Zuldrak arena quest starter dothat if you are not 78-79 do a few more quests in stormpeaks , after 78-79 head to uldum do a few working quest head to hyjal do a few working quest should be now level 80!!!!! Now the best part pick up herbalism go around picking herbs everywhere you want while getting exploration achievements+ exp now you are 90!!!!! go to shadowmoon valley and find Swamplighter trail and just jon in the hunt with other players to kill the bees/wasps Now you are level 100!!!! head to Broken isles yay you made it to legion content in less than a days worth of playing
  14. their job is not to report bugs or help players when they encounter a bug their job is to redirect you to the bug tracking forum
  15. thanks for at least letting us know something