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  1. First you ruined the egg event and now you ruin Boris. All the “events” that used to be fun in the previous expansions are now not fun anymore. The decisions the head staff is making lately is really weird and disappointing. You are just assuming, that people haven’t already leveled enough and got bored of it? Let’s be real here. You copied people’s characters from legion to BfA. Everyone who is actively playing has at least 1 character at max level. I personally have 8 character at max level by now and I’m tired of it. Leveling and exploring zones, quests etc is fun indeed, but only once. After it’s just the same thing over and over again. I hope you overthink this decision. Many people from other servers want to join FS, but they don’t want to level, because they have done it already on retail etc. You would even gain potential more players? I’m sure everyone was looking forward to a 120 character and not 110. You don’t even offer the option to donate for level 120 either..
  2. I‘ve never read more bullshit than this right now. I am truly amazed by your ignorance and stupidness. I know how the QA works, in fact, i already worked with them many many times and almost know every single one in the team. The post I made is just collected info from several blizzard blue posts + wowhead in 1 comment. Of course I didn’t make this stuff up myself, hello? The game is based of real World of Warcraft and any private server is based of the real game, otherwise Firestorm and most p-servers don’t call themselves „blizzlike.“ I‘ve already communicated with some devs and QA after this post and I got told, that it already works like this. My comment was simply meant, to make sure nothing is being forgetten. And if so, you can always come back and check what’s missing. Please do us all a favor, and never commentate here again. You are an embarrassment.
  3. You really need to open rated arenas and make it an “off-season”, till the actual season starts. Off-season basically means, that all rating and mmr will be reset, once the actual season starts. You could also disable rewards from arenas entirely for the off-season. It’s literally only so we have something to do. We’ve been spamming skirmishes for almost a month now and there’s a whole other month to come. This is just too much... Spamming World quest and mythics every single time gets so repetitive and boring. Now I have the luck, that I have multiple characters at 120, so I can just play my other chars, but even this came to an end now. I am max geard on 6 characters now. I can’t imagine someone with 1 character only. After your mythics, you just log off and come back online again, after Id reset. Now obviously people say, that you can just farm AP for your neck, but to a certain level, world quests are literally not worth it anymore, unless you want to spend 2 hours doing world quest for 1 level. Opening rated arenas would give us smth to do at least. Skirmish just isn’t the same.
  4. I need to clarify something, because I’m confused and hope you guys do not screw us up, once the season starts. Here’s how it supposed to work correctly. The graphic in the announcement post says 2x something about “weekly” while one should be weekly and one end of match reward. This means, that you have a certain chance to receive an item based of current rating after a match. (This doesn’t include Azerite items) It’s stated as EoM in the graphic. The weekly reward is obviously obtainable in the end of week from your cache. Azerite Items are only obtainable via the quest, after you earned 500 conquest, you should be able to return a quest and choose between 2 Azerite items (4 in s2) Mechanic:weekly reset): 1. Cap conquest and turn in the conquest cap quest. Or, earn 500 conquest in a week. 2. The reward scales with your highest rated win in the previous week, so if you want something with an even higher ilevel, win at least 1 rated game while you're above 1400 CR. Hitting Conquest Cap (Unranked)There is a reward players can get regardless of ranked, by filling the Weekly Conquest Cap. If you do not fill the cap one week, you can earn the item the week after, and your progress bar will not reset. So far the progression is as follows: (The numbers stand for the weeks) ilvl 345 Weapon ilvl 355 Chest ilvl 355 Gloves ilvl 355 Pants ilvl 355 Shoulders ilvl 355 Boots ilvl 355 Belt ilvl 355 Helm ilvl (370) Warlord's Trophy ilvl 370 Weapon ilvl 370 Chest ilvl 370 Wrists ilvl 370 Legs ilvl 370 Shoulders ilvl 370 Hands ilvl 370 Feet ilvl 370 Head ilvl 385 Warlord's Trophy ilvl 370 Trinket ilvl 370 Finger Attention: Once you've hit the required Conquest Points you'll receive a quest where you can choose which weapon you want (based on the weapons your class can use), and the weapon will be of item level 345. The Elite Enchant for 2100 (Duelist) should be aviable on a vendor within Hook Point/Mugambala. If there’s any confusion and question to certain stuff, do not hesitate to ask me. Regards.
  5. Hello, I'd like to see a fix for the current PvP Reward System. It wouldn't make sense to fix it right now, since Argus Release is behind the doors, but with the release of Argus, i'd like to see a fix for it. Right now it is completly broken. With current content the base item level should be 915, means that any rating from 0-1,399 should reward a garunteed 915 item from weekly cap with a chance to upgrade to warforged/titanforge. Currently it should look like this: 0 - 1.399 = 915 ilvl 1.400 - 1.599 = 920 ilvl 1.600 - 1.799 = 925 ilvl 1.800 - 2.199 = 930 ilvl 2.200 - 2.399 = 935 ilvl 2.400+ = 940 ilvl This is only from weekly cap and doesn't include EoM Rewards *EoM = End of Match *End of Match are usually 10 to maximal 15 item level less than the weekly dropp. So if would play on 2.400 Rating, id have a chance to get a minimum of 930 item level piece from Arena. However, implemending these wouldn't make sense for now, since with Argus Release the Item level will be raised up, which will also effect the PvP Reward System. The Item level with the release of Argus should be the same, as in the picture i've attached. So i'd like to see it get changend and work, how it supposed to be. BLIZZLIKE and not some random system which rewards completly wrong gear and makes it impossible to gear up from pvp only, but being forced to do pve in order to get increased item level pieces. 2.400 in 2v3 or 3v3 should reward the same item level as someone who does the hardest raid on highest difficult mode. (not including warforge/titanforge) Just an example of the current PvP Reward System on Firestorm. My Hunter is 2.450+ Rating in 2v2 and i've gottan 905 item level piece, when it supposed to be 940. Clip: It seems completly random and scuffed system. My R-Druid who is at 1.600cr in 2v2 got 930 ring from End of Match, not even weekly cap. I hope to see a fix for this with the Argus Release. Kind Regards, AJ
  6. Please reset everyone’s rating to 0. It makes no sense otherwise. Let everybody start from bottom. This way everyone has the same chance. 1.800 is still a lot in 3v3, with the current population and activity in 3v3. People will have more than enough time to climb back. Letting certain teams have 1.800 rating, will result in them not queuing more, than they should. They will most likely just sit rating and queue at night vs similar teams to not get their rating reduced. I think most players would agree with me.
  7. No you weren't. And 2 months for 905 is pretty low, when on Sylvanas you should be able to get it within 1 day, if lucky. I don't care about Sylvanas. I want them to remove crossrealm between Greymane & Sylvanas. No one does PvP on Sylvanas anyway and i don't see any benifit, regarding activity in arenas from it. I think you don't understand nor know what the purpose of a instant pvp server is. Might go and try it on other servers and see, if you have to farm for stuff in order to play arena on highest level and compete with others, without being in disadvantage. Another bullshit comment without doing enough research. Yes, Gul'dan was crossrealmed with Tournament realm in arenas and bgs. And yes i can compare. They are both the same game and private servers, such as Firestorm try to be like Blizzard, as they claim to be "blizzlike".
  8. Give me Feedback.
  9. The thing is, that Greymane might have an advantage by getting instantly 860 item level, BUT now it comes. People on Sylvanas can farm shards in 1 day to get 880+ gear + get a chance of titanforge. (SHARDS FARMING DOESN WORK ON GREYMANE). So Greymane has an advantage, but for a very very short of time. You can literally get 880+ gear in 1 day on Sylvanas, by farming shards. On top of that, you can do mythic+, raids, and anything else that is considered PvE. So if you are lucky, you can get 900 item level in 1 day, meanwhile on Greymane you hardstuck on 860 and have to spamm arenas and rely on RNG + the insanly bugged reward system that never gives you the item, that you supposed to get according to your rating. Not including the Artifact Advantage Sylvanas has, where they have multiple sources to get AP, meanwhile on Greymane the only way to get AP is Arenas/BGS and WQ. However, WQ is completly horrible on a PvP realm. You play on an instant 110 realm to play arenas and bgs and not to quest and farm stuff that should be given at first place. Otherwhise the realm doesn't really have a diffrence to Sylvanas, other than being instant 110, which can be achieved in 1 day regardless, or even donated. The realm is terrible designed, compared to how WoD (Tournament) was. I hope my suggestions are being considered. And theres many more. Hit me up. I know how a good PvP has to look like, as i played my whole time on PvP instant Servers, since i started WoW.
  10. Yes, but it doesn't work as intended. Maybe read, before smashing your keyboard. Yes, there is? Theres gear vendors on the Tournament realm, same as for Greymane. Theres normal gear and legendarie vendor. Yes, people do play on the tournament realm. Before it was accessible to everyone, but later on they only made it for people who compete in tournaments. But i doubt you played the game that long to know it. Why would i play on Sylvanas instead? I don't like the leveling and farming part & since theres a realm. where all of that can be skipped, ill be playing there instead. Your arguement is invalid. I could also say, if you complain about private servers, why don't you play on live instead? If Firestorm offers two realms, they have to balance and treat the realm the same and not letting a realm having an advantage towards another. Otherwhise they can just delete the realm again and only keep sylvanas.
  11. No, because then it’s rng again, and the legendary system already doesn’t work as intended, like it isn’t blizzlike. People on Sylvanas can do PvP and PvE at the same time and accordingly increase their chance of getting a legendary item, meanwhile people from Greymane are limited, as the only source of increase the chance of a legendary is through bg or arenas, despite the fact, that arenas are insanely dead, and bgs are the only real source, but whatever. yes, it does. The tournament realm of Blizzard Entertainment has the same purpose as Greymane. GivIng people all necessary stuff to queue arenas and not being disadvantage vs other players. However, on Firestorm it is a little bit different, as Greymane is cross realm with Sylvans, therefore you have to find a good balance between 2, where 1 Realm isn’t having a advantage towards the other, which sylvanas totally have, when it comes to AP, Legendaries, Gear etc.
  12. This is why i said, (prize is debatable), Could also make it for Marks of Honor only or for Order Resources only. However, legendaries are completly irrelvant in sense of usage, they only have the purpose to increase your maximum item level. I don't see any big deal, where players would extremly benifit by certain legendaries. Not to mentiom, that Blizzard Entertainment, sold them for gold, on their tournament realm.
  13. Also as for quests: - Add 3 new daily quests Quest 1: Win 3 Battlegrounds, Reward: 15 Marks of Honor & 75 Order Resources Quest 2: Win 10 Rated Arenas: Reward: 25 Marks of Honor & 125 Order Resources Quest 3: Win 5 Duells: Reward: 5 Marks of Honor % 25 Order Resources.
  14. Title: Greymane Design Changes 2.0 Type: In-game Description: - Add Order Resources as a second pay method to buy gear, mounts, illusions, enchants etc. Suggestions: Since the ratio between Order Resources and Marks of Honor is really diffrent, i'd suggest to make Order Resources 500% of Marks of Honor cost. E.G a mount costs 80 Marks of Honor, it would be 80 x 500% = 400 Order Resources. This way it would allow people to depend less on RNG and it's also way less time consming. Marks of Honors rarely ever dropp and they are really RNG. It takes quite some time to collect points for a Mount e.g. - Increase the Maximum Item Level Suggestions: With the ToS release, i think it's fair to give people a starter gear of 880 item level, as we on Greymane have no oppertunity to do PvE, therefore we stuck with 860 item level, which is pretty low in the current state of the server. - Remove castbar from creating items Pretty exhausting and annoying waiting 5seconds to create an item over and over, especially when making multiple characters. Just make it instant, as it used to be on every single Arena-Server. -Allow free Faction & Race Change with a Cooldown What i mean with that is, that any char which is being created, will receive either a race or a faction change each hour. It will always change. 1 Hour it is Faction Change, then 1 Hour it is Race Change. This is how it currently is on the Beta BfA Arena-Server. It is really good. It allows people to play with their friends at any time. The Ratio between Alliance & Horde is pretty bad as well. Theres no players on alliance and people are not tending to pay for a faction change, they will instead just make a new character instead. Which is bad, because then you have to completly start over again. - Lower the requirement cost for Illusions Suggestions: 60 Mark of Honor or 300 Order Resources for normal ones 75 Mark of Honor or 375 Order Resources for Glorious Tyranny & Primal Victory. -Make a Vendor that sells every Legendarie Items Currently it is legit impossible to get legendaries. It's so so rarely, especially when you can't do PvE. Doing PvP only makes the chance super super low to get a legendaries. Suggestion: Legendaries cost: 150 Marks of Honor or 750 Order Resources. (prize is debatable)
  15. Damage on 0% Damage Reduction. Damage on 8% Damage Reduction 157,267 -8% = 144,685 (What i should hit) 157,267 - 28,760 = 128,507 (What i currently hit) 157,267 - 144,685 = 12.582 (Damage that should be reduced) 12,582 = 8% Damage Reduction. 157,267 - 128,507 = 28.760 (Damage that is currently reduced) 28.760 = x% Damage Reduction. 12.582 * 2 = 25,164 which is almost 2x the value, that is being reduced. Maybe Versatility applies twice for Havoc Hunter attacks or maybe players have resistance, when they shoudln't?! When can i expect this bug to get fixed? It effects serveral classes, but it is really significant for Havoc Attacks. Not only Chaos Damage but also Fire. This bug also exist on Frostmage, where Frostbolt was doing less damage than intended. So i don't think it necessarily has something to do with Versatility. My guess is, that it's resistance or any custom script in the database, that shouldn't be there, I hope this bug get's fixxed pretty soon, at it is the biggest bug in the game and makes certain classes not viable.