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  1. ok is anyone else getting invalid session to download the patch file. ??? i am what do i do.
  2. its not working on warlords of Draenor plz fix this, its both on hoard and alliance.
  3. The Launcher is no longer working for me, it says it's waiting for updates on every single expatiation. not be able to play all week getting fed up now. i Have not changed anything or messed around with the folders or broken any links to the folders. Whats going on ? help!
  4. So finally i downloaded the game with every folder in it like yours from this sites Download PG... which was damn hard to find by the way, they make it impossible to find anything on here, this site is way backwards not organised properly..... Any way in this picture you can see that i click on the WOW. EXE and still get that dame message, i'm giving up on the ghost and giving up on this server as they don't give a crap about the players, can't believe I've just found a TOPIC on the Launcher is no longer in action although, it still works on some of the games. How can they leave there playing like this.
  5. So after trying to download this game MOP, It still wont open, i just get this error message every damn time. Whats the point if they discontinue with there Launcher and leave everyone having problems with one or to games not loading, how can they not help them play on there servers. I give up on this server.
  6. Ok Just tried it and didn't work, did you notice in my all my pics i am missing the DATA folder? i think that is my problem. how do i download the data folder, and why does it keep missing this one damn folder lol.
  7. All so in my folder from the Launcher There is missing files that will not download as you can see in the picture.
  8. So i downloaded your link, and this is what it looks like in a folder and i clicked on the WOW and got the same message i get from the Launcher
  9. I'll do that when the thing downloads it's for ever downloading. Sometimes it tells me it's at 100% 905 now it's at 50%??? why is it not downloading the game right??
  10. Plz sort out your Launcher it does not Launch all games . I.E. Mists Of Pandaria i haven't been able to get on that game in months like since Jan of this year. It needs updating or something.
  11. Is this for Mists Of Pandaria, only some plonker has changed all the names of the expansions to just the players server/realms name. I ain't got a bloody clue which game is which. Some one sort it out, and put the names back on the realms, so we no which game goes with which realm. Damn stupid if you ask me. this whole website is a bit strange and confusing.
  12. wow you guys are lucky if you've only been getting this, in the last few days.I been getting this problem since Feb, and no one has helped me out or the other players, so don't hold your breath, help won't come soon. And if it does plz put the solved problem for all to see how to fix this problem.
  13. Can't get the Launcher to play Mists Of Pandaria it's been like this since windows 10 was installed which is over a year now, so i found the Download pg on website and downloaded it from there, same thing, still wont let me play, plz can some one tell me how to download and set up the game with realm list plz. Also has the Launcher been updated since Legion was added onto it, will it be for 64 (bit) instead of 32 (bit) i mean will they ever make the launcher a 64 (bit) ??
  14. I'd like to take part in this with me Mists of pandaria toon BUT i can't get the damn game to work? it wont launch and i have downloaded it from this website same thing wont work.???? what the heck has happened to the game.
  15. Some one plz help me, i have tried and failed to Launch Mists Of Pandaria to play from the launcher it keeps giving me a error, so i thought i would download it from here and still it wont play. what the heck am i doing wrong ?????? i put a picture of the error for you to see.