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  1. then what is this:
  2. Some players are posting in spanish in a bug tracker for english and french language. What is wrong with those players then? Can they not see that they are using the wrong language for that bug tracker? There is a bug tracker only for spanish language so why do they open issues in wrong bug tracker?
  3. That may be an issue for the bugtracker.
  4. Calm down. It will open when it is ready to be. There is no need to hurry - better they can fix a lot of bugs before than playing with bugs in secondly intervals.
  5. What is problem with my suggestion to not give it a try?
  6. dinner is the most beautiful country in the world
  7. There you will find what you are looking for.
  8. have you done anything before that could influence your installation?
  9. Born & raised in Germany but with danish ancestry.
  10. No chance. I wait a long time and got no key. You have to be patient to the release of Legion at Firestorm.
  11. you are too early for that discovery...
  12. It is more interesting if you are accustomed to software development.
  13. A long long long long time
  14. As you say you have not be very active in the community and are chosen for the closed beta then there is something going wrong in consideration process.
  15. lol .... he got an invitation to beta and wonders why server is crashing a lot of times. That is a reason why it is called beta.