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  1. Blizzard implemented this system on 7.1.5.. also some oen that buys the said 8 will still not be able to catch up with some one that has 11
  2. i m lvl 11 and it takes me 4 days to get a research
  3. if u are above lvl 8 u wont be able to use any u buy! If u are lvl 7 u will be able to use 1! well we have the systems tracking lvl so if some one jumps a few lvl out of nowhere ... will know and theyr will be punished!
  4. Do u guys even read? Its atm a catch up mecanism! If u are over lvl 8 AK u wont be able to use those! So only alts and new players can use them
  5. Em breve! Quanto á raid ainda vai levar uns meses! Lá para Março!
  6. we are everithing! we will even be on legion!
  7. your a newbie! Dont count him plz! Erased from history!
  8. Its tooo hard they say! 88 wipes after and a lot of tactical shit we got it donw! Prophecy Raid leader neeeds a rest »_»
  9. They will be both released this wed fully working
  10. wasnt oficialy released... there was sligth issues with the bosses
  11. atm content wise its way better tham asharan was at about a year development! Sure theres still lots to do tho!
  12. Thats the entire point of the Beta! U will get a free lvl 100 premade char and run arownd making the server crash and lag! Them will take all the info from the lag/instability/crash issues and hotfix it! Our 1st priority is server stability! After that is out of the way them we can lunch live servers and focus on the other issues! Mean wille development will keepgoing ! And theres plenty of other surprises coming! So are u prepared?
  13. rogue are great here and we need healers all time! get both and have fun
  14. sory for the delay! Yes they do respawn but cinse everyone gets 100lvl chars they usualy vanish as soon they spwn! We could proly ask for the respaw to be faster there! Will talk with the Admins about it! Thanks for bringing that up